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  1. Pistaccio

    bed thread

    Is that your bed? naw ^^^ u have to be kiddin.. :huh2:
  2. I don't know about all that, but that female is thick :love2: yummy! Hey JAKEE u look fine mami..holla :haha:
  3. I just copped that "State Your Name" dvd, one of my favorite parts was that "Sensei JA" interview.. Hey JA if you reading this mang,...U get props like Mayor Daley. :burn: Big big inspiration! " I., I was a litto boy' in a big Big city" Momma! Momma! :haha: U r hilarious JA!! :king: KING JA KING JA!! FOR MAYOR !
  4. :shook: :shook: got a nigga shook with this prodo !!
  5. :burn: DIE HARD BEATS VOL.2 :burn:
  6. :burn: HIP-HOP :burn: good rhymes and good beats.. and some HOUSE of course We created House musik here in Chicago!!!
  7. :burn: Madd respekt for this kat... :burn: Good thread ,.. keep em flics dropping..
  8. I don't like pork... and that angel piece is classic material.. :jestor:
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