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  1. anyone know what video formats are supported by Ubuntu Linux? long story short i was lent a laptop with Ubuntu on it, and i cant seem to get this Mpeg to play
  2. how did a HOODS shirt spark a discussion about how gay Ko(backwards R)n is?
  3. never listened to korn, cause i could see that that shit was gay even at a young age. i dont even think korn existed when i was in 5th grade
  4. Havoc

    ok im done

    dragonfruit vitamin water is amazing
  5. "im sorry i ruined your black pantha' party"
  6. Havoc

    hey hesh

    LMIRL LOLERCOASTER 1337 das uberghey
  7. your mom is like a toaster oven, anything with apposable thumbs can turn her on
  8. my sister puts queer ass dave mathews shit on my itunes all the time. the only time i like DMB is when they play that song where it soudns like hes saying shitballs, and i only like it cause its hilarious
  9. the first time i got into a fight i lost
  11. bann wasent there when i posted as first
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