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  1. ***edit made two threads by accident as my internet is working slow, mod please delete this one
  2. Okay, minor topic, but was hoping if anyone who knows about it could help me out. Anyone rememeber the video posted in i think it was one of Mero's barbarian emo nigga slayer threads, or possibly the offensive jokes thread, of the video with those two chinese guys in red tracksuits miming and dancing to the backstreet boys while some guy played counterstrike unknowingly in the background? Anyone could help me out where i could see it again, find it, post it etc, anyone got a link? Thanks again, whatdo.
  3. Deace is over sick...letters..fills...control...amazing.
  4. Achy Asiue Teach Juse Pupet Spyar Steas Zomby Cheers to Hellboy for flicks.
  5. 2. the real thing that is wrong about this world is the people who complain about it and do nothing... And acting like a 13 year old pre pubescant girl on a website having a hissy fit is doing something about it? You are the type of people that are wrong with this world, 'blonde babe'. There's places like Ruislip that are ment for people like you.
  6. . graffiti not cool, just a phenomenon that occurs, that i have the pleasure in writting about for the next 4 months. 6. i know more about graffiti than ull ever know!! You fucking idiot. I'm from London, so you know before you start on the yanks again. You are a complete and utter prat. For someone who is supposed to be writing a thesis, i would expect you to at least act a bit more mature and spell things correctly. You know more about graffiti than Heavylox will ever know? FUCK OFF! You know nothing! hahahahah! If you only knew, you foolish cow. You know absolutely fuckity fuck all. Now piss off.
  7. Nice Fume and Debug by the way. I'll post some in a sec
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