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  1. i like punching the top/sides of my thighs. it feels good.
  2. fuck, what a great idea! i'm a millionaire! richie rich! woo!
  3. hahahah show me your boooooooooobiieees.
  4. haha, what a fucking douche
  5. wait wait, so "ecko" is a real person? i thought it was just some corporation or something. did dude actually write? based on what others have said, it seems as though he thought he wrote, but no one else did.
  6. haha, i had that thrasher game on ps1. the only thing that bugged me was that the tricks all felt pretty sluggish. and goddamn did tribe's "award tour" play through my head for ever and ever thanks to that game. to be honest, ecko is going to have to overcome a large hurdle in order for me and my friends to give this game an honest glance. ecko has become the "hip hop" gear for 7th graders, and don't think that we dont realize that. with that said, the way the game is presented will be pretty important to whether i can view it legitimately. right now? who knows, but the jumping on moving trains bit is pretty corny.
  7. fuck, nice post - i love these threads with 50 flicks
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