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  1. dumb ass fuck way to blow up the spot. my nigga stel
  2. Even my pops has heard of eruptoe. Now that's some shit...
  3. Pores Move Goner Radio TSL LOsers
  4. that rei shit is gangster mad props
  5. urine erupto sept vizie size plant trees
  6. Nigga TheSlumLOrds destn
  7. Stel Mylk TSL theslumlords
  8. lewis get $$$$$$$ repae
  9. MOve TSL OG skow Life what iz life without life
  10. Coupe Arows Tre Elk sigh cense ears.......good post
  11. Pores Move THESLUMLORDS river
  12. Mylk Dekaf TheSlumLOrds Cable OG SKOW OG STRUT this thread was dope
  13. Haiku Eruptoe he's uptoe Nigga OG mothafuckin SKOW
  14. CENSE a motherfuckin allstar much love kid
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