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  1. there is a picture somewhere of him with a cowboy hat on standing next to a whole car, i'll try to find it. great shit
  2. skim jerms!!!!!!!! spoter hoax
  3. enue!!!! saw that heinz 57 in Dallas a while back enzo dayser old size21
  4. hey there, watch out about the Texas jabs, sure there is ignorance here, but that only fuels anger and lots of fun graff. Our frights have allways been ill and if you all are so concerned about risky commuters try the Dallas or Houston light rails, security people in dallas are very trigger happy.
  5. In America freights are "real" trains, but then again there are no commuters where I live. All I know is that if one of those was running through the American south I don't know a fellow yank who would not paint it. The first two commuters I painted in Eastern Europe got buffed before they left the fucking station, now that seems pointless
  6. enzo and poder back to back!! its a texas thing
  7. worms and lewis doing ghouls and erupto soner vital lots and lots of size21
  8. dayser ucron somber corpse sosa
  9. I think I like the floater, i thought i was not missing something, but no it's just floating
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