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  1. no that nus is long gone, when they buffed that slope, that is the only piece the city buffed on the wall. b4 the kids toying shit down there.
  2. it was today during the storm, i yelled your name you looked puzled, might not have been you
  3. yo fula that was me yelling at you today
  4. TucanSalmon

    new yes2

    saw a yes2 throwie in the flic freedomland,
  5. TucanSalmon


    an article on rd.com (readers digest) said the bus is us' 4th cleanest city based on graffiti, trash, and smog. chi wasnt in the top 5. seattle, and portland were.
  6. :king: mara holla if you figure out who this is truNUS
  7. kink, horse, vatoe, obces nice
  8. nus 614casteers most violent pesants
  9. ^^^it was about tags, people always hit up those pillars in front of the courthouse, ever rember seeing bono up? it had an accent sign over the n, round the same time bso was trying to get up. old NUS in 03 GOLD
  10. TucanSalmon


    peace to my boy kinksta in smo
  11. TucanSalmon


    blazin walls, sure cure for the inner city blues...and the cold ohio nights
  12. TucanSalmon


    "hangin out drinkin 40s in the east columbus cold"
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