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  1. I havent been to a rave in years but from about 95-99 shit was bangin! Yeah the over the top candy kids are easy targets but if you werent there getting off chops an havin fun then you dont know what you missed. Coolin out with cool people , getting mad trolleyed, making money and smashing def litttle chicks. Good times.
  2. I once consumed a litre of Iced coffee and a large bag of Salt and Vinegar chips. I felt sooooo crook after!
  3. EnimeeOne


    27.5 Beefeater is right, I have alittle fat on my stomach other than that its all muscle. This calculator doesnt cater to body builders.
  4. When you work in clubs you find money all the time. I will be garenteed to find at least $50 a week.
  5. Just because im feeling nice tonight, I will give you the ultimate car damage revenge recipe. Directions are as follows; Go to fish markets with some kinda container for carrying liquid. Ask for some fish juice kinda shit (they will think your wakko but just do it anyway). Get some syringes and fill them with stinky fish juice, then inject into the rubber window seals of her car. This technique works best in summer as the heat will make the smell unbareable. This is a tried and tested method of revenge. In one case my mate did it and bought the car for a throw away pric
  6. If someone uploads a torrent Ill watch it ,otherwise...meh
  7. WhiteOx is getting busy these days. Last time I was in Sydney you an your mate had a few hefty's around. Nice one Bruv.
  8. I just got a call from Tues AKM. He said he wants his style back.
  9. You you McFunnyCunt Kiwi's! You dont fly around the world to do walls. hahah
  10. I just ate 2 sausages and a small bowl of tuna an mayo. Protien!!!
  11. If I caught anyone fucking with my dog I would fucking torture the cunt. Car, or other personal property is fair game, but not dogs.
  12. I think I met the one last night!! Half chinese half african, tall, hot.. everything! Then I ran into a mate from high school and he came an put in the cock block routine, while some other islander fag came from left of field and bailed her up.. Highschool mates are homo!
  13. Smash! The scandalousness of it all makes it better!
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