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  1. Full Spectrum

    Stupid graf seat cover designs

    Well actually I thought I might show my disapproval by puking all over them, but then I relented, realising that it would just blend in and nobody would notice anyways...
  2. Full Spectrum

    Stupid graf seat cover designs

    Oh crap...I mistyped it...I meant it to be fully expanded speculum HAHAHAHHAHAHA I'll see if I can get images, but if I can't, just picture this: you know when you try to write something with the mouse on a shitty paint program, and it just looks dodgy? That's what we're talking. In rainbow colors. The colors are nice, at least... :rolleyes:
  3. Full Spectrum

    Stupid graf seat cover designs

    *Sigh* Thankyou for that positive spin! It's always cool to get a new perspective!
  4. Full Spectrum

    wierd dreams...

    Okay last post!!!! We can relate teeth to confidence, especially in the social realm. Theyre what you show when you smile; if you have food stuck in them they can be a source of embarrassment. Think about this, and think about whether there are any situations in life in which you feel the same as you did in the dream. Another guideline: the more disturbing or horrifying a dream is, the more serious and urgent the underlying problem is. that's all nightmares are about, essentially.
  5. Full Spectrum

    Stupid graf seat cover designs

    I wonder if other cities have taken this knucklehead approach; our city buses here have got this dumbass pattern woven into the upholstery fabric, It's like this multicolored, tryhard scribbly graffiti, all over. There are a few different ways of looking at it (no pun intended), however they all leave me slightly annoyed and disgruntled. You could say that in the transit aurthority's eyes, the only writing they like on seats is what they put on there, especially to deter writers input. Or, you could be a pain in the ass and say what else can they do to deter graffiti?...you could even say that this is the ultimate insult, that they've taken something that's ours and turned it on its head, not only that but staking some territory! I dont know if Im expressing this adequately, God its late and I need some sleep. Ramble over
  6. Full Spectrum

    wierd dreams...

    Oh yeah, one last thing, most dream dictionaries are a load of crap. Meanings con only be suggested, however the dreamer must work the final answer out - nobody else can. And mental stability is overrated!
  7. Full Spectrum

    wierd dreams...

    ive totally had that dream hella times, wierd Quoted post [/b] Theyre a pain arent they! If you ever have a dream like this, question whether you are feeling powerless or ineffective in any area of your life; or where you might need more strength. Similar dreams are those in which you'll try to run, but just can't move fast enough, all efforts amounting to sweet FA. Anyone here ever have lucid dreams - the type where you are completely aware and in control?
  8. Full Spectrum

    pics of not so hot girls

    I doubt any dude ever would have!
  9. Full Spectrum

    wierd dreams...

    You know that as weird as dreams get, they all mean something. I've been keeping dream journals for a number of years now, I'm halfway through #20. As I've done my own study on dreams over the years, I've found that they can be the most useful tool in regards to just about anything in one's life - especially the nightmares!
  10. Full Spectrum

    I have a gash in my penix

    Strangely amusing...kinda like listening in on a boy's locker room! Penix...conjures up absurd mental images of a phallus with wings which rises out of its own ashes every so often.....hmmm.....
  11. Full Spectrum

    Urban Exploration/Speology

    *sigh* I can't think of a better way to spend my time than to wander around desolate, hidden, forgotten, spooky places, preferably equipped with the right tools! Camera included - I like to keep records of places which no longer exist, and it's a personal thing for me. Exploration and graf were two separate loves of mine since I can remember, so that's a convenient duo! I sometimes get creeped if I'm on my own - biggest disadvantage of being a female :hatred: - but overall there's this unswerving curiosity and awe. There's a distinct energy in these places, it's a connection to so many things. The last place I scoped was an old hotel due to be torn down or refurbished; the back was cool with heaps of graf, some ancient looking stuff (including the sheds/outer buildings). I desperately wanted to enter the building and ALMOST did, but the strange piles of clothing, remnants of burnts stuff everywhere, and especially the scattered and profuse remains of smashed/mauled pigeons kinda put me off, apart from the fact nobody would know where to find me if something happened! The town it was in has heaps of buildings but I need a partner, theres lots of crazy stuff that goes down, you name it. Weird satanic shit on the walls, escaped mental patients, and such.. Probably the best score was a mansion from the 20s, with letters and photos strewn across a bedroom. I'll leave it there before this gets too long! If I manage to get into this closed down amusement park, I'll update you :king: And maybe this abandoned hospital...
  12. Full Spectrum

    When your Girl has Your back

    Man....if your love isn't into you for YOU, and everything about you, forget it. I'm incredibly lucky with my guy. He doesn't write, but has utmost respect and appreciation for graf on all levels. He finds my passion very cute! He keeps a lookout for me, puts up stickers where Im too short, and most of all is patient with all my insane antics. He's a youth worker who's always running graf workshops, and he's down with all the writers in his area, and keeps it hushed for the writer kids in the programs, giving them legal advice when they get caught or tips beforehand. He also digs for vinyl, so our frequent joint trips all over town provide some sweet opportunity. Plus, he's hella cute, among other things! I guess it's karma for all the jerks Ive had to endure in my past...
  13. Full Spectrum

    Graffiti to be made legal in Melbourne Australia??

    Yeah, I see your points. There's valid reason to consider it may never change. Who knows, though? Each new generation brings with it a pushing of boundaries. You could once get executed for believing the world was flat. A radio show got axed in the 60's for using the word "bum". A skirt 10cms above the knee was outrageous as recently as the 60's, and nobody imagined abortion could ever be legal way way back. All I'm contemplating is, who knows? But really, for now, who cares!!! Let's get on with it in the present and do what we love for the love of it. Peace
  14. Full Spectrum

    Graffiti to be made legal in Melbourne Australia??

    Hmmm, makes me wonder far into the future how it's going to be. I mean, someday, there will only be the generations left which grew up with graffiti. Of course there will be those within that group of generations who are against it, but it's not going to be like having to battle the old-time fogeys who see absolutely no merit in graf at all - it's probably not going to be such an uphill battle. That being said, where would that take us? Because yeah, it'd be cool to have full reign over a city, yet most of the fun is in the sneakiness and illegitimacy of it all. I dunno, just the late night ramblings of a deliriously tired woman..