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  1. fuck tha macomb county snitchuation...and the ho ass eastside ya,ll real cats no who you is nice to be back.... to let the haters get they hate on dame ferrari,thats wassup like painting with them foo,s in 96 ,good times lotta fresh shit fo da summer far, you a boss nigga an rodeo,s wassup vera hold it down ...stay up besides pherz blazing like the d aint never seen I GOTTA GIVE MAD PROPS TO DEMS ,with archives..AND FINALLY BURNERS >>STAY UP yo AYEM holla at cha boy
  2. give a fuck bout a snitch .. gone put two is his dome .. aint about sittin in jail .. its bout sittin at home!! holla
  3. Re: Splinter in The Shitter fuck im going back to jail got damnit
  4. i said no fuckin TOMATO,S ............damn fuckin hicks
  5. fucking triple cheeseburgers..............bitchessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  6. Re: Don't Call it Frisco NAKA!!!!!!! surfs up bra
  7. Re: Splinter in The Shitter whoa..........
  8. that sehv shit fuckin rocks owwwww tesla rules
  9. its already out yo, i got my copy check the website www.piecebypiece.com :scrambled: :scrambled:
  10. Re: BOOKS/READING! san francisco noir - its a collection of short stories about crazy shit murders and steert shit in s.f. its from 2005 anyone read it?
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