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  1. well i want to get my tongue repierced but now side to side i dont know if its too risky or what the fuck will happen to my tongue so i decided to ask.....any one got this piercing???? post any related topics to piercings......
  2. >>>>7am took my truck to get fixed.... 8am skipped school.....fuck school 8:30 am watched PARTY ANIMALZ at my boys(keith) crib for the second time(funny movie) 11:30 am went to my other boys(manny) crib GOT SOME DRUMSTICK CONES... 12:00pm went home 12:15 pm 12oz..... 2:30 pm took a nap till 6pm and im waiting til 8pm for Miami Ink.... so its been a good day<<<<
  3. "The Japanese consider it the most spirited of fish, so full of energy and power that it can fight its way up swift-running streams and cascades. Because of its strength and determination to overcome all obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals. The carp is an appropriate symbol to encourage the overcoming of life's difficulties leading to consequent success." http://www.nootrope.net/koi/long.html its from the same guy that started this thread.
  4. you think i should get color even tho im brown ass fuck i got white highlights right now im still debating on gettin color added
  5. PiercingMan Merojuana Seedwarf Reseesaretheshit ?
  6. Yo just post up tattoo designs or your tattoos or tattos you've done, and body piercings too bacause theres some crazy ass piercings you've might have never seen!
  7. nas, san, ans, ants, saint, santa, sana, nasa, anas, asna, ansa, nsa, tans, saan, snas, ass, sas, nan, sna, sans, snap, naps, and, andi, andy, ankshit, ancient, ankle, skank, snaz, nasz, cmon man. Quoted post [/b]
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