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  1. all i gotta say is E squad whats up!
  3. JACKASS IS SWEET....................... GOT A LIL OUT OF HAND THO.
  4. i have a 93 pontiac bonneville but it wont start i flip the switch n it wont do anything but the security light starts to blink does someone know how to fix this problem?????
  5. so DVD-R, can it play on all dvd formats? cuz i tried to burn some dvd's with dvd+R but i cant play em on all dvd's
  6. One BIG ? what is the diffrence in a DVD-R and a DVD+R?
  7. "dont smoke dont drink dont have sex with girls" "yes im still a virgin" :haha: :spent3: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
  8. cant check the pm's i think everyone is having trouble with that....
  9. pierced these nipples............
  10. :haha: :haha: :haha: its true........i tatted some of those people too and the fucked up thing is that they got it BIG across they back!
  11. its cuz they all exited to get a tattoo and dont pay attention on how or what it looks like they just want to get it over with..........(the pain) :shook:
  12. whats happened in last nites episode?? who got tattooed?
  13. This justified my entire life Quoted post [/b] snaped!
  14. so who is better?? miami or vegas??
  15. yoji snaps he's actually trying to learn how to draw and tattoo at the same time dizzle he's just trying to learn how to tatto for what i know.......
  16. is it true??? inked is off? :king:
  17. he does write it says it on an episode, and ami mentions that he has that background, now every one is trying to find out what he writes........ if darren is still active its goin to be kinda hard to find out what he writes.
  18. "darren specializes in lettering because of his graffiti background"- ami
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