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  1. upside down freights daaamn that bridge... balls. bumppp this shit. dope like a rock.
  2. shits dope like a rock. :what: straight heat.
  3. daaamn bump for the flicks and fire. you guys are still making me homesick for the uk and especially the tube. gah!
  4. gotta love those midwest heads! any ewzr flicks?
  5. I am needin some help, luffface. My R's can go piss up a rope, I need to rock something else, or learn. Help. :gaga: blackbook picnic bench, didn't have my book with me +shrug+ close enough. Alright you know what to do, rip em and rape em, but leave some room for love, i am a sensitive creature. FUCK SHOR, i hate that faggot. ;) Ha, i kid.
  6. Bump fer suuuure, dope ass thread....man, kicks for thats last flick! :biglaugh:
  7. "here today, gone tomorrow." get out there the next day and put it back :D rockin those jumpsuits fer sure. weird ass thread....i liked it, haha. :rolleyes:
  8. HA! so i can't play your reindeer games!? get fucked!:p haha, gotta love the man with the potsticker fetish :rolleyes:
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