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  1. meeting tomorrow night at the 700 club in northern liberties.... 700 n 2nd St 2nd floor - 10:00 pm cheap beers and good vibes only...
  2. ...sometimes the shit I read on here just blows my mind
  3. you definitely made it all about tits.
  4. writing on shit...i didnt grow up poor but it was a pretty stupid habit
  5. got my knee swole by martin lacasse yesterday, dude sketched half the thing crouched over on his knee and it came out bananas...awesome dude
  6. i stole these pictures off of stuart cripwell's website because i liked lookin at em and i figured you guys would as well there are a bunch of other real good ones http://stuartgcripwell.com/ http://spidermurphys.com/artists_stuart.php
  7. ....and some sick tatz since i stated a new page with that bullshit mike adams simon erl erl again pat haney haney again
  8. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? dude i saw that thing on vice and just had to get a sweet tat of my own but the dude was such a dick!!!
  9. im sure this has been long debated and answered but I still just cant believe mother fuckers need to come on 12oz to ask peoples advice for how to address an issue with a room mate...
  10. ...rampage barely put up a fight against rashad, who machida made look silly...unless rampage connects early, or machida is just off his game after losing to shogun, machidas got it in the bag (in my opinion)
  11. aldo vs florian is in the works....
  12. ...so your not sure if carwin can beat nelson, yet you know carwin will beat cain??
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGe2CwAE7hk mute this and listen to blood for blood or lady gaga or something http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRoiCi6CnbA&feature=related start about 3:58 its worth it
  14. woah man judging from all of your cool stories you should be way too bad ass for google, what happened?
  15. damn that joe warren jeff soto fight in bellator was great....i cant wait to see warren in dream 19, dudes gonna wear his bellator belt to the ring, fuck you comcast for not carrying hdnet! and yo, dude killed that toney drawing, lol!
  16. you dont really care enough to make a thread about it.
  17. why the fuck would you want someone else to name your "brewery" for you? its YOURS
  18. i just find it funny this chick went about her adult life pretending to know what a "quarterback" was...damn id love to know what she imagined
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