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  1. sillysiphilis

    A Question regarding spray/latex paints

    Im going to be doing a large scale non-graffiti mural some time in the near future and am curious if any of you guys know of a spraypaint color that almost perfectly matches a latex paint color. I'm hoping for brown or beige, but I can be pretty indiscriminate w/ color. I also don't really care whether the paint is Krylon or Montana. I just need a flat background color that is workable/fixable without bringing out the freakin roller. Thanks, Sillysiphilis
  2. sillysiphilis

    A good academic article on graffiti

    The start of it sounds pretty cool..all I could get was the abstract and the introduction. I'm sure you probably know JStor, along with most other scholarly search engines, can only be fully accessed at libraries or colleges. It's nice to see graffiti covered from a more academic standpoint. I guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow to access the rest.
  3. sillysiphilis


    Home Depot walk outs Bar fight black outs
  4. sillysiphilis

    I want to see YOU.

    <3 Quoted post [/b] If Axl Rose was a girl..
  5. sillysiphilis

    I want to see YOU.

  6. sillysiphilis

    channel zero heads: i wanna see your graffiti

    did you take this photo? it's rad. what city is it? Quoted post yeah. it's sf from chinatown. I know you explained how you did this but....... I also wanna few things, cos this shit is hawt as hell These are all film shots right? so did you just join em up like a jigsaw and glue em to a board or someshit? Iam contemplating going into the city to do something like this for my photography course, but cant really figure out how to really go about it...... Sorry I had to bring this up in a un-related thred, but PM's are lost in the matrix or someshit.. Quoted post I know photoshop CS2 has a pretty good image joining wizard Quoted post this is called a David Haukney (sp?)... google that shit... great photographer Quoted post [/b] It's spelled David Hockney. He's more well known for his paintings, but lately he's been doing a good share of photo montages like the ones above.
  7. sillysiphilis

    Why are people obsessed with the 80's?

    HA! edit: now that I think about it, I guess it probably was more liberal. Jeez, nevermind.
  8. sillysiphilis

    channel zero heads: i wanna see your graffiti

    That's hot! It's almost like a storyboard, but with graffiti letters rather than characters.
  9. sillysiphilis


    Holy shit! Did you guys notice there was a gay pride flag below the American one? OMG Those fucking gays are so sick it makes me want to throw up!
  10. sillysiphilis


  11. sillysiphilis

    Shit you shouldnt mix when eating.

    Have you ever tried toothpaste after orange juice? It's so gross!!!
  12. sillysiphilis

    I am the Spelling Nazi

    Feeling overwhelmed? It's a good idea, but it's probably not going to be worth the effort.
  13. sillysiphilis

    I am the Spelling Nazi

    Thank God.
  14. sillysiphilis

    what's better than the dump you take after a night

    I liken it to trying to get peanut butter out of a shag carpet with a paper towel Quoted post [/b] That simile is so fucking accurate I'm getting nauseous
  15. sillysiphilis

    Tear my fuckin face off.

    Did anybody catch Oprah yesterday?! OMG...
  16. sillysiphilis

    super small extra tiny post!

  17. sillysiphilis

    what's better than the dump you take after a night

    Some mod changed the title of this thread didn't they? No? We're really talking about dumping after a night of drinking? Ok.
  18. sillysiphilis

    how do i ok a shit ton of myspace friend requests?

    Go through all of them. Then you'll have the pleasure of seeing every one of those annoying fucks who are so desperate for social approval that they can only find it through myspace friend requests to indifferent, snobbish, coke-nosed rockstars.
  19. sillysiphilis

    Pizza Pizza

    Is that in Vancouver? I practically lived off the buck fifty slices over there. Never bothered trying anything of greater quality
  20. sillysiphilis

    channel zero heads: i wanna see your graffiti

    ^^^^ Dope hand
  21. sillysiphilis

    Pizza Pizza

    Only NY Times Best Rated
  22. sillysiphilis

    Pizza Pizza

  23. sillysiphilis

    Heavy Duty yard work

    Nmph & Aqua looking proper, fuck yea
  24. sillysiphilis

    The Top 15 Skylines in the World

    Louis Sullivan's the real deal. I've seen the skylines of Chicago, Tokyo, Singapore, Toronto, Seoul, Seattle. God, I'm so cosmo!
  25. sillysiphilis

    Help me pass a drug test

    Thanks to my high metabolism, I've past numerous drug tests after smoking pot several days before hand. I also drank water to no end, I actually felt the onset of water intoxication. If you really are that paranoid, just be sure that the urine is most concentrated towards the beginning and end of the piss. And the first piss of the day is the most concentrated, with the intoxicants becoming less traceable as the day goes along. But don't sweat it, you'll be fine.