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  1. youre probably right, but the heads i know up there arnt the type to pimp their shit scross the net
  2. LOL (i'll only do that for you laughoutloud :haha: )
  3. 'jaes one of thw best and most up train writers in the uk' hmmmm.....
  4. while we're on the subject, any new pics of nm stuff out there?would like to see some recent things if theyve been released...
  5. amor for all your attacks on those posted flicks, youre being quite bait yourself about where they come from,not information that should be on the net at alll dont you think, writers in glass houses shouldnt throw stones :rolleyes:
  6. think about that question for a sec, whos going to go out of their way to paint freights when you can do real steel, you sound almost dissapointed that dirty hands didnt have freights in, id be dissaointed if they had put them in. in answer we have freights,but its more a novelty than a norm to paint them
  7. nah ID, fuck that, id much rather see a misk panel photo up on this fr fr fresh forum of kings ;)
  8. other thing to watch out for is tins with the third rail, ive had a bag of paint i was carrying be dragged down towards the rail through the magnetism,woke me up for sure!
  9. happy haloween drunk bastard=drunk damage!!!!
  10. nice anie, if you check this board at all pm me mate, long time, AMV, mood rip
  11. ....paint it, be involved with the scene, and then, shock horror, youll see unique, individual and exclusive pics from your mates!!!! this isnt a forum in this day and age for recent stuff to be posted up personally, if runners are caught, post em up, but i think its only (decent) magazines and friends that should see the real action, not the net. im not hating on posting mag pages on here, im just thinking the polce shouldnt have all informion at their fingertips, but the net is shit for so many reasons, keep it personal, cut out he middle (blue flashing lights) men.. no real tube or commuter graff is shown on here anyway.
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