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  1. Who let this peter pan ass nigga doodle some big bird looking shit? Tights are for ballerinas
  2. damn bitch i think i seen you at the cheesecake factory at the town center...i was the one with gold fronts and a fur vest on throwing dollar bills at your broke ass
  3. Don't fuck with my nigga he's LIGHTYEARS ahead Yamz not hubbard.
  4. The Dixie Dude


    Retire off 80k? Where are you going to retire to with that the tropical isles of Momandads? Clown ass nigga
  5. Re: 12oz Weather Forcast Sunny 72°F Feels Like 72°F i need to go hunt for sharks teeth ya smell? I gut blunts with them shits
  6. That shit is called the "i dont really paint but i want people to think i do" spot. Clown ass niggas.
  7. The Dixie Dude


    Not only is this nigga givin up bread, but cheese too? Lunchbox ass nigga
  8. sometimes when i'm mad high i close my eyes and just see this nigga floating in clouds of smoke, just chillin with biggie smokin the illest blunt i ever saw
  9. ahhhhhnahh. i gotta go drink a 40 now to forget what this lunchbox ass nigga just said
  10. aint no thug niggas dance or hangout. they just bring bottles of grey goose and act like they bought the bar out, but can't even give a nigga a shot
  11. yo i get paid steady and dont do shit but smoke blunts and suck titties ya smell me, ferris buellers day off type shit
  12. only if you buy the bass player mad shots of whiskey
  13. if you drive a half hour then maybe niggas dont like your clown ass, especially if you write some gay ass shit on a door near their house
  14. Re: My friend just Ghostrided the whip. yankee faggot
  15. i'm gonna cop a big ass tent and get like a little grill to put in it and just get like fuckin a half pound of some of that sticky, and just throw that shit on there and mad niggas will just get loose. then i'll get a kiddy pool and fill it with mad 40's, and after they're all gone i'll be havin bitches swim in that shit
  16. i love how ugly niggas cover their faces when they ain't doing shit except maybe giving their 12oz friend gary the reacharound
  17. you can't set off shells with a hammer
  18. noone says that shit here you must be high
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