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  1. I was defrosting ground beef and saw that it leaked in my fridge. I took the opportunity to take everything out, disinfect everything thrice, and cleaned every tiny crevice with about 40 Q-Tips. It was oddly satisfying.
  2. Whoa- I forgot about the raccoons
  3. Disc golf... don't call it frolf.
  4. I figured it might be a bit obscure, but then again I’ve seen some super obscure shit posted here.
  5. Chris Thomas, the Mayor of Rap City on BET played the better videos, MTV RAPS was on some sucka ass Salt-n-Pepa, Heavy D & Chubb Rock steez.
  6. @Schnitzel I'm good, but thanks for the offer. I never really bought CR's because the newsprint quality was totally inferior to full color mags, but I do have a few issues. BIZE would probably like it, he was really close with MANE, and MANE was featured in a lot of issues.
  7. @Boris The Butcher That pic explains the IG gun fetish
  8. Me in the late 70s. That’s my babysitter’s wagon, my recently divorced mom had a similar one sans the faux wood grain. My sister and I were like muppet babies, she had 10-20 kids in her house per day. It was the 70s and early 80s, no supervision, none. We raised ourselves, we played outside, we used our imagination, some became lifelong friends; Some were molested by her son. Her other son married George Wendt’s sister, so he was a part of my childhood too. Norm!
  9. Charlie Murphy is cooking Johnsonville brats!
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