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  1. for your own safety, if you need to thin it for whatever reasons, don't thin it with alcohol or any solvent normally for thinning oil-based products (paint thinner, varsol, mineral spirits, etc.).... thin with WATER or VINEGAR, and nothing else. for your own safety. and don't try mixing inks in there, most inks are alcohol-based and that's not good. if you don't know the ins and outs of paint/ink chemistry than i highly recommend not fooling with etch yet. actually, i don't recommend fooling with etch at all.
  2. i recently got back from montreal, you can't walk for 5 seconds in that city without seeing something utterly insane, lots of SAKE shit everywhere, props to him and all of HYH. the thing that stands out the most though, is that while on the train, entering, montreal, i saw this (picture stolen from VisualOrgasm.com). this baffles me, its quite high, and there is no ledge or anything to stand on... i know that SAKE can do his throwup upside down (not to mention backwards, and backwards upsidedown), so i thought at first it might've been just a leanover, but he'd have to have awfully long arms for that to be possible (and there isn't enough room on that beam to be leaning over, to have any grab you, and it'd be unlikely to be able to use a harness up there) another really under-rated scene is halifax, that place is loaded with graff. here's a FATSO HW flick (also stolen from Visualorgasm)
  3. its not unheard of for fake garvey to come in bottles just like the real garvey bottles and to have a counterfeit label... where'd you buy it from?
  4. bumsuckfun

    JA xtc

    i like to think of SANE SMITH as laying the ground work for that style of bombing. when he hit the side of the brooklyn bridge (extremely dangerous spot) that got a lot of attention, not to mention his name seemed to be everywhere. but him and JA were tight and bombed together a lot, so they were doing a lot of this together until SANE's death. other 'extreme writers' who i think deserve props are SI, and SAKE (HYH) from Montreal. DAMO (also from Montreal) and FATSO (HW... Halifax) are more canadians that i really admire.
  5. bumsuckfun

    JA xtc

    oh snap. what's the status on the JA/SI beef anyway? and how'd it come about?
  6. yeah no worries, its not hurting me anyway. i just dont like some kid being a dick to me and refrencing me to 'read the thread' about something that HASN'T already been asked, just as if i were some kid asking a question like 'wUz suM god iNk reCipes So mY tags r kewl'...
  7. yeah, i know about the staining properties and weather durability of garvey and marsh respectively, so don't try to rub my question in my face... i have expiremented with marsh dye types before, and black pigment once, but not enough that i'd know if ultraviolet marsh stained hard like garvey or not, since it's clearly different than the other marsh's and for as far as i knew it could've been using crystal violet for it's pigmentation and would thus stain as hard as garvey, hence why i asked. the reason garvey fades outdoors is because it's color comes from basic violet (aka crystal violet or gentian violet), it's a rather simple molecular dyestuff, used mainly for indoor labwork, staining cells for viewing under a microscope, and is not lightfast. thus UV light coming from the sun causes it to fade rather quickly. marsh lasts outdoors because of it's pigmentation, which is an actualy a layer of color being added on top of the surface being written on, rather than adding/dying color to the surface it is wirtten on like a dyestuff (garvey), and because the pigments are lightfast. further marsh using shellacing to further make their inks withstand weather. once again, i'm not new to graffiti, inks, paints, or even this thread (been reading since the beginning but wasn't registered here)... i just had to ask about UV Marsh because i've never had any experience with it, and Omen said it was as good as garvey so it sparked my curosity, no need to go nut chopping.
  8. <!--QuoteBegin-YOURS TRUELY@Mar 10 2005, 11:43 AM PERFECTLY SPOKEN.....N IF PHILLY GOT ONE IM GONA BLOW IT UP Quoted post looks like you got some blowing up to do
  9. instead of getting gentian violet, get violet garvey, it's color is from gentian violet and it's already mixed porpotionally to be the strongest it can be. gentian blue doesn't exist, the closest substitute i can think of is methylene blue. but hell, i'm pretty sure blue garvey get it's color from methylene blue, and its already mixed as good as it can get, so you might as well get it. OMEN, does the ultraviolet Marsh stain as hard as violet Garvey? and does it last outdoors by itself, or does it fade like straight garvey does?
  10. is marsh pigment type alcohol based? i'm kinda confused as to how it can mix with alcohol-based inks (without the addition of acetone as a binder) since more pigment-based ink is either water or oil-based... if marsh's pigment types are alcohol based than i'll most definately be buying a quart...
  11. goto somewhere that would have some... like a hardware store that cuts keys, and ask for the dust shavings (they're only going to throw them out anyway), or perhaps a place that cuts pipes or metal sheets, and ask for the shavings... i think most places that cut keys are brass though but still, brass filings will look cool. i love when Omen comes and lays shit down. Mixing inks from scratch is pretty much always a waste of time, but mixing premade inks usually works out good... the only exception is ink additives, like dot 3 or methylene blue, oxidizers, etc., since they add power to the ink... (of course ink doesn't come premanufactured with this stuff, because it'd be too dangerous).
  12. sewing shops, fabric shops, hardware stores, department stores, craft stores, online (eBay)...
  13. ure mom probly got sum she mops enit but mix some like washing machine die wiv that powerstain or sum pigment dust but i tell ya wats gd n wats sh1t, listen up them otr scrawl pens are wak jus get sum wax crayons on windows n stuff or if u go 2 poundland u can get etch rocks gd 4 windows on trains n stuff well there ugo mate im out :king: Quoted post [/b] it actually took me like 5 times longer than normal just to read that... do you try to write like that or does it just happen? OTR Scrawlpens are kinda nasty writing, hard to get a smooth style down, but they are hard to buff.
  14. grog started shipping worldwide a few days ago... so go order some from their site if you want. ummm, what he's referring to is that a few years back NERO used to be a lot stronger than it is now. the old Nero was a lot like Grog. anyway, Nero changed their recipe (possibly to be more cost-effective) and this new Nero isn't at good as the old stuff.
  15. chalkboard eraser nib instead of the foam. or just go get another one, there only a dollar, and getting stuff free from dollar stores isn't usually too hard anyway...
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