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  1. I'd probably recommend that you get yourself a membership. It's free and a great bargin, compared to paying 50 cents every day for the nytimes. I've been a member there for the past 5 years.
  2. There have been a few new articles posted to the site, but this recent article has been humbly posted on http://www.scratchdisc.com/graf that ya'll might be interested in, if you haven't already seen it. 04.18 - A Graffiti Legend Is Back on the Street http://www.nytimes.com/2005/04/18/arts/design/18revs.html?hp
  3. Here an article list for you guys. It's New York based graffiti news but it's definately worth some of your time for graffiti in the media. http://www.scratchdisc.com/graf/
  4. Those foam sponges I think work better for ink or paint mops. I've never tried making an ink mop yet, but paint mops rule. They soak up paint much better and then you can squeeze and push it onto the wall. But it needs to be in a squeezable bottle for squeezing out the paint. But those foamys aren't that strong. There must be a way to keep them in better shape. But replacing the nib will have to do for now. PEACE
  5. Unfreakin' believable! This ink mixture that spilled has lots of dot3 in it. I placed a bunch of paper towels on it and a paint can for weight and when i got home to clean it, the paper towel soaked it all up! No trace of the black ink, but it did leave a very light grease stain. I'm pretty relieved. Thank god for DOT 3 slow drying property Thanks for the tip. I was thinking that would be the best way. I know pilot comes off easily with xylol, acetone, or any other strong thinner. Getting it out of your carpet? That's tough. I think you may have to soak it with paint thinner, and then go over it with one of those wet-vac carpet cleaning machines. I know when I was a kid my mom would rent one from the local market. Rent-a-Center or some place like that ought to have one. Quoted post [/b]
  6. FUCK! I SPILT INK ALL OVER MY CARPET -------------------------------------------- I had a lil cup of pilot ink and dot 3 mixed up and left it there. I just knocked the damn shit over! Anyone know a good way to clean it up?!
  7. when you go out writing. stop looking like a graffiti writer. Here is what a graffiti writer looks like (from some anti-graffiti site): 1. wears a hood 2. baggy jeans 3. usually has a backpack to hide his arsenal of spraycans 4. has paint on hands there was some more, when i find that site again, i'll post it
  8. KIWI MOPS ---------------- Okay, so I know about kiwi mops. But the last time I used one was years ago. I started shopping the 99 cent stores whom sell kiwi like mops for 99 cents. But I've already gone through 3 mops because the nibs keep on ripping off. One ripped off after 2 tags! What a jip! I was wondering if anyone of you guys have the same problems using the round circular kiwi mops. Do they rip off on ya? Anyway to make these nibs stronger?
  9. I dunno about the bingo markers, but i do recommend some of the liquid glue containers that are exactly like the bingo markers but better. They come in various sizes that have stronger nibs than the foamy bingo nibs. Check your 99 cent stores and staionary shops for these. Empty the glue (save for later if you like).
  10. yeah, last night i was pretty amazed when i took a tag right onto an big ol oil paint splotch. It made a pretty cool wrinkly effect within seconds. Not bad. Wonder if it works well by itself. Once a cleaner sees a black tag, he'll paint right over it. But just going for the ghost tag on painted surfaces might have some advantages. Plus how can anyone get busted for taking invisible tags?
  11. DOT3 Brake Fluid ------------------- This stuff is really cheap. It's a yellowish oily liquid like cooking oil that you can get for $1.99 at your hardware or auto shop. At first it looked like it makes a great solution with regular pilot ink and creates more of it. But it makes your black ink bleed (on paper) and a lighter shade of black.No one has mentioned how long it takes before you start seeing it's corrosive effects. It can take weeks. So I'll run some metal tests and see how long before i see any results at home before I try and waste my time with it on the outside. Is there anyone out there that swears on using this stuff? I'm still testing the shit, if anyone has any positive views on it, please share. So far, I think you can save yourself the hassle of using the stuff. It seems to be an oily waste.
  12. shit, I just need to give you mad props on that mighty awesome step by step illustration of the tic tac marker. But sadly, using the tic tac marker loses one of it's purposes of being miniture. Perhaps using a zippo container would be the best idea of having a concealed marker. The only problem is that zippo containers are not cheap.
  13. http://www.nynewsday.com/news/local/manhat...&vote16292946=1
  14. wow, that's right.. I wish that there was a cap on it though. But that's definately a thought. Perhaps theres a work around on that... I was also thinking zippo containers... But i'm looking for something on that level...
  15. Can anyone recommend or think of a good container to use to make a small marker the size of a rectangular eraser? I don't want to use the ol chapstick method. Something the size of one strip of a chalkboard eraser cut in half 3" x .75. A square container is preferred. Thanks all
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