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  1. maza ^^ because i dont like the other ones letterplacement
  2. i agree. and the other one looks like a N M B M
  3. anyone for another outline battle soon. dont care for the word.
  4. heres my rebel. i dont like either of the E's at all. i might do another one in school tommarow if i have time. but heres one for now just in case i dont.
  5. ima get crushed but owell. im board soooo. word is REBEL. outline only. due whenever i dont mind. ima prolly do mine by tonight.
  6. If you dont wanna do that battle, its throw 2 colors, NABA, i'll battle, simple style more or less, no wilds, 3 colors, you choose word due one week from now, hey faze which letters you think are shitty, the S and Y? How could it be betteR? Quoted post Well the H looks like an N The U is pretty good!!! The two S's dont flow cause the thin out and end up lookin like 2's The Y is very distored The 3D is very nicee!!! Just my opinion :love2: Quoted post [/b] would of said the same thing. i also like the 3D, especialy the shading on it. work on s
  7. Segway for hussy deffinetly. it has better letter struckture and i just dont like theh highlights is all. pings letters need some work
  8. i say we just vote for neva. its been a long time and no one else has joined.
  9. im in.... starz does this mean im out of the tourney
  10. no not realy. i guess the I just kinda happend. i turned it into some gay goofy character when i was board. thanks though.
  11. yeah i noticed that. i did fatEl with a E but then realized i spelled it wrong. im not satisifed with it but owell
  12. young one for beyond although it would look way better with 3d. il have my niner up tonight hopefully. u people got em up and on here quick.lol
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