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Fuck Police Brutality

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  1. I did keep the 'gay' shit (someone, namely yourself seem to be uncomfortable with what sexuality is making an asumption about a plutonic hug) to myself, you're the one who wasted your own time on finding that photo and sharing it, but that doesn't surprise me, you like to share a lot of flicks that aren't your own. Why don't you tell him yourself? Keep rockin your dope mediocre flow chief.
  2. I'm bored at Tafe and in the mood for sharing...
  3. Fellow Perthite and forum dweller Krie... Only met him once i think, RIP mate.. Miss ya pal.
  4. R.I.P. Stephen 'Kries' Sharky from Perth.
  5. Happy Birthday Cameron/Dunc OSN. Rest In Peace my friend, you are well missed.
  6. kripes Pikn Prove Gts Creamy Kripe Another disgusting Metal piece. Piks is a shit photographer..
  7. Yeah, bogus is Oath... he's gone all weird and wears beanies and shit now... it's not a pretty site.
  8. The Midland line is temporarily closed from Friday the 26th of March til Tuesday the 29th of March.
  9. fuck yeah, awesome flicks, adspecially some of those barons :o
  10. Few more recent flicks.. zims, korp (pork), zims
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