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anti-graffiti artist

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  1. Disguise your spraycans to look like household products
  2. The best way of making money off of graffiti is cleaning it up. According to articles, cities spend millions of dollars cleaning off graffiti from trains, buildings, etc... Spending on chemicals and hourly wages...I think the people are over charging somehow to scrape extra money from the check somehow.
  3. Montanna is cool, because they label their colors, right onto the can.
  4. In the heat of being chased, you can leave a wallet and be bumble fucked for leaving that shiznits to the ground....
  5. To english graffiti artists stop for tea time at a certain part of the day?
  6. I think most graffiti artists get busted for many things other than graffiti. Do all graffiti artists have to be criminals?
  7. Does anyone know of that stencil tool? It holds a can of paint on a stick with a trigger that sprays straight onto a stencil. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Can someone help?
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