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  1. good point. cause fugg im ghettoe as hell look how i spell it for godsakes
  2. ahhhhhhhhhh santa cruz is fucking shit now love the old flicks
  3. finally a place where i can self promote and not look bad. yes!!!!
  4. lots of jibber jabber need more clickedy clack shots
  5. yeah that erupto is definately hot
  6. KEAK THE SNEak- super hyphee thats my word!
  7. HAHAHA THAT SHIT really had me laughing out lound^^
  8. whats that site that has the video of the rocket hitting the pentagon not the palne
  9. i heard the cop statin lets you just bust on the front you dont even have to ask. but seriously im not sure just talk to the people at bills wheels i guess
  10. i believe that is my favorite kadie ever
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