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  1. eeee i saw a otr throw in watson the otherday i think it was new
  2. dude someone flick that lose and trash downtown i dont knowthe street name cause i dont know street names but its where they sell gravel and shit right when you get off the fishhook if you go straight towards the westside
  3. 2 bad you had to make a new account to talk shit bout the homie almo leave a name dude
  4. really i know splinter he wont give me the recipe unless i get down with the get down but i aint with that turtle shit
  5. wow the text on this page is fucking awesome ohh wait i came for the pictures nevermind
  6. so yeah i put some oil base paint into some window painting mop and the paint dries over night does this happen with all oil base paints
  7. i was just thinking today about frisco. what happened to mr kuts did he get a shanking
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