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  1. Is that whole did you take this picture with a potatoe some Internet meme. Someone asked mr trigz if he took a blurry picture with Travis barker with a tater
  2. its what he does he babbles talks random shit and puts other peoples business that has nothing to do with him on the internet.
  3. whos jackass idea was it to make the page missing quote ah man... the freaking page you wanted is missing. like this shit was planned. dick web creators
  4. For all of you who get the " page missing" page when you try to login or register, i have the solution. To log in you will have to do these things: 1st. Go to google 2nd. Search 12ozprophet 3rd. There should be a three arrowed logo when you mouse over 12ozprophet >>> 4th. Press the three arrowed logo or whatever and go to cached 5th. It should automatically take you to 12ozprophet.com and from there login 6th. Make sure to press stay logged in 7th. When you press login, you will still be taken to the "page missing" page but you will now be logged in. Now you will just press forum and enjoy
  5. nigga not only do you make everyones business your business. but you fucking put peoples business on blast. nigga
  6. bro u guys need to welcome sour.
  7. tell em their faggots and whatever advice you have added to that
  8. word. also really going over that sags with that shit. smh nigga
  9. that wox is a fucking heater
  10. my cousin from Ireland was just talking about bebo. its the facebook of Ireland
  11. her neck and boobs are 2 completely different colors
  12. did you talk your wife into watching the perfect game?
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