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  1. american writers are scared to hit clean trains? :haha: ^this guy... cant speak for the rest of the country, but they get hit everyday in chicago.
  2. .come around real new orleans nigga get drowned or beat down!! Quoted post Right, couldn't of said it better myself - exactly why I would never send my money to New Orleans.
  3. killer korl a chicago king...dope
  4. different view of a landmark spot:
  5. caught in detriot: sweet home chicago: :king:
  6. A lot of these comments are great, but this one takes the fricking cake. "Constructive" "Positive?? :huh2: This is a joke right? I sure hope so. Grafitti by nature is destruction, beautiful as it is some times, but destruction none the less. Good Lord I hate liberal white folks...all these posts speaking out against racism, and distorted history lessons, because of one stupid opinion (granted in my experience all black boys thinking they're writers is a strange comment - what city are you living in? May be its different in your city, but its damn near opposite here). Well, in conclusion, and most importantly: get your self-hating, PC, lame, homo asses up out here! :haha: :haha: fucking lames :haha: :haha:
  7. also in chicago under a train line at an intersection: wyse n regal D30
  8. this is at least 70 ft up, off a busy highway same highway, and damn high up, in a busier area. shitty pictures - great spots... Mayor KWT 2NR: Chicago heavy hitter
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