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  1. i got wasted at some party and watched this even more wasted kid hop over a fence and fall on his ribs and head 6 times because we thought it was funny.hah.
  2. now i didnt even bring up jay-z...i know he did the same thing but i would never even want to in anyway compare 50cent to jay-z because jay is the best rapper alive...he did what 50s doin times 100 and hes still on top of the game. he fucking retired and the shit he puts out on other peoples songs is still the hottest shit that comes out.
  3. and yes...lil wayne eats everyone alive and mr louie light fingers, why are you on 50cents dick SO HARD? you act like your the one chillin on the yacht, furthermore how do we know your not the one jerkin off in your mothers basement? no one even mentioned any of that until you put it out.
  4. Quoted post thats the whole damn problem dog, rap, and music in gerenal isn't even about music anymore, its a fucking fashion statment, and if you dont listen to the latest shit by the latest fag, you basicly walking in to gym class with bobos on. Quoted post best shit i ever heard. on a side note- is this really the first time you all heard of 120 bars? and if so have then have you not heard 300 bars yet? if not then you need to get both and listen to them and realize that game is tight as fuck and if you think not then your gay.flat out. he holds it down on the west coast just how he should, gangster thats why he left 50, it was obviously a horrible business decision and game lost ou on a lot of money but he did what he did cuz hes a gangster......as for 50 i agree with MERO, 50s a hustler and hes out for money any way he can get it, i hate all his new radio pop music and his new and improved g-unit camp but if you can put out 2 cds and a movie all with the same names (get rich or die tryin) and make millions off all 3, not to mention his other 5 cds, vidoe game, vitamin water, clothing company, shoe company and whatever the fuck else he gets money for...then your doin some shit right, it might not be good but it makes money, and wich one of you on here doesnt want to make money?
  5. are we gonna start this cobra vs. quicktag battle or what?
  6. well......on a lighter note, those are some hot BMT flicks especially that skyline. p.s. a close up of that would be much appericiated.
  7. what do you mean why? have you seen them? its obvious.
  8. haters, haters & haters...kanye is the hottest rapper out right now.
  9. i noticed the last thing he said was "just get a better job" nice little tune tho, i bet my man mr.lesko could get a deal with g-unit, i hear everyones doin it.
  10. man i been lookin at that j-law for the longest, im glad sombody finally got it.
  11. Quoted post [/b] its pow wow baby...
  12. i think hes really serious.
  13. is this cat serious? cuz if hes makin that much money off some t-shirts then i need to get in the damn business.
  14. man you heard that new humbug martian joint...that shits the heat.
  15. damn...ol boy got his grill mashed :yuck:
  16. man all i know is goin over riku with that wack mess that pedi does is fucked up, shes up everywhere and ill go ahead an say her shit is fresh. thats right. fresh.
  17. Quoted post [/b] <!--QuoteBegin-heavyLox@Aug 5 2005, 04:39 PM so the title says she ends going to jail? wheres that part, hows that work. am i wrong? did misread. Quoted post yeah....i missed that part too, so...whats the deal with that?
  18. source

    "over there"

    yeah i saw the 4400 a few times now, and i like it.
  19. ike Mr.ABC said g-unit is makin so much money off the pop charts right now its stupid, and the rap industry is all about money, so why wouldnt you sign with them? and regardless of the label, its still MOP and its still mobb deep.
  20. mozart was insane, beethoven was def, but at least they could see what the fuck they were doing.
  21. totally awsome. ...buy a new one.
  22. well i dont know all the background on this thing, but her being a bitch for no reason and ignoring you, makes it look to me like shes found a new man. especially becsuse she flaked out on you when she knew you had a gift for her, thats real shady. So if i was you i would keep that shit, cuz i know i regret getting my ex alot of the shit i got for her. shes currently dating one of my boys, who i might beat the shit out of. cunt.
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