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  1. @misteraven I’m assuming this is similar to Monero… I considered buying some Monero a while ago as felt like an obvious direction for people to head in. Once you have someone’s wallet address, and unless everyone regularly changes their wallet address, surely a simple look up will tell you a list of all the places they have shopped at.
  2. Because Robinhood hold the keys and cooperate with the government.
  3. Just picked up some more ankr, trying to get a bit of Nu. I have about 50% of my modest net worth in crypto currency. Tempted to take some more out of my index tracker and buy more crypto but not sure that’s wise.
  4. Thanks for the advice, really appreciated. I feel like my brain leans well towards learning this shit. I’ll get reading and sign up to Linux academy right after I’ve finished this Udemy course. The investment should pay for itself in time... What would your path be after getting certified in those areas? im still very much a beginner but eager to learn. I’ve already seen how just bringing some basic level shit can quickly revolutionise things at work whether it’s data analysis, admin work efficiency or finance reporting and management etc. Sky is the limit.
  5. Jesus I can’t believe how oldskool footage from 2012 looks now. Awesome watch. It’s so hard to sift through most of the bullshit on YouTube.
  6. I ended up doing exactly that earlier and planning to just dca in from here on - thanks
  7. Man I’ve got serious BTC fomo but feels like madness to buy right now.
  8. Yeah it was good whilst it lasted! Leglocks were fine as no one gets crushed. I think I accidentally put a triangle on too hard once and that was the end of it haha. I can’t see contact sparring at my gym being allowed for another 3-6 months. UK rates are on the rise and the space is owned by a big corporate gym and they will be setting the rules. I really need to get back into some sort of exercise and stretching routine. I now work from home and barely even leave the house these days.
  9. This journey is wild. I bought a small amount of Bitcoin a few weeks ago at $15k thinking I’d missed the boat. Now $15k is looking like a steal. Waiting for a dip and just it goes from ATH to new ATH.
  10. yeah I’d consider this if it was only a month or so but we’re at 9 months now. I did manage to drill half of danahers leglock dvd on my girlfriend before she lost interest lol
  11. My gym has been closed since March. I’ve pretty much given up on trying to train at home or study video etc as without regular training it feels like a wasted effort. Just going to focus my free time elsewhere until this blows over.
  12. Misguided noob here... I’ve got a friend who was/still is a believer in XRP. i could cut my losses but for the sake of $200 I might just leave it and pray.
  13. 175 countries, four billion dollars, one scam: the inside story of the world’s biggest crypto con and the woman who got away with it. I'm halfway through this... The story is absolutely insane.
  14. Yeah my bad... I'm only a few days into crypto but invested £1000 last week after reading this thread and the one in Jekyll Island. Split across BTC, ETH and XRP. I suppose my question is why would you leave your currency sitting in a wallet when you could loan it and receive interest (and withdraw at anytime)?
  15. @MercerI realise how much my post looks like a spambot but it's a genuine question!
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