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  1. HAHA....this guy is obviously delusional...I served in the Military for three years...not as an officer but rather as actually someone who worked....And you know what really is some retarded shit...I was watching this shit on TV about how when the twin towers collapsed the president had some serious issues with the communications system abord air force one...Let me tell you from first hand experience that the government is a fucking joke...I went to work everyday telling them how shamefull it is that the president was on such an outdated and broken system...yet when they tried to use it to communicate to the Air force they couldnt even get the message out that there were terrorists on the fucking planes.... america has killed and murdered milliions in the name of democracy.... read your history........These power hungry leaders that live of the legacy of their familty are filthy rich warmongers......of course he liked goin into irag...money power death...Bush is a jack ass and has no leadrship capabilities... I say this cause i liove america, and i dont want some rich ass daddys boy that cant even articulate on simple issues as the representative of this country.... 100,000 iraqis dead and only 1000 americans... you jack ass we are the weapon of mass destruction....It just makes me sick..WMD...lol, in africa theres millions dying and does anyone give a fuck...Not us...but we are supposed to be in iraq to stop WMD and the loss of life...But while impopssing christianity...oops Im sorry...I mean democracy in the middle east we are killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people...Is it worth it.....for oil...personally Id rather walk or ride a fucking bike to whatever job i have and be just as happy with my family....you may be caught up in the RAT RACE and thats good for you but if that was your children dying youd push a car around the block everyday to see them live again...


    i know a lot these guys on here have to have some old school pics...ROLLN put up some nice shaken...We all know he put it down harder than anyone else and itd be nice to see more of that, the Baltimore style is dying off and maybe some history will bring back some roots....star Ashar MASK or just some histroy....Maybe theres no documentation though....Oh well just a thought...


    since when does tune even write anymore.......yeah krisp is tight too, maybe he can get on one of those id productions...LOL...


    NO not spase....LOL...I remember when i did some letters for him under the GTOWN Bridge.....in like 99.....Cmon SIEKO dont be greedy hook him up with some letters...HAHA....Its all looking lovely though...I havent been to the HOF in a grip but its whatever......Im sticking to the black and whites to take care of some nuckle heads.


    mmmm...not sure where this is but its FELON BA so......


    It would be tight of more of the older writers was back in it
  7. actually when i was chased by a bird we hid under cars in the neighborhood to avoid heat detection. so many cars retain heat for a while that you could not be distinquished from the others...got away and the cops drove right by us with the bird above!
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