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  1. AD!! Smend Motion coming with some old skool funk
  2. then start grumbling? In two fucking years? really? who do you think you are? We been in that country for damn near a decade. and have been funneling money for military objectives for decades! how the fuck you gonna say give it some time...They need to get the fuck outta there, stop spending all our tax payer dollars on that shit and invest that money into this country so we can create some fucking jobs or the incentive to create jobs. there aint no perspective to gain on this thing. They blowing billions of dollars and we are getting fucked by the government
  3. someone sounds like a whinny bitch...
  4. really you think their might be an ulterior motive? The only preconceived notion, as you like you like to put it, is that there will be a vacuum if the US left. The country is a shit hole...they need to bomb that shit up with some nukes and turn that fucking desert into a glass parking lot...he opposed the surge in Iraq, now its what needs to be done? WTF is this guy smoking, talking about change...hes doing the same shit the dick fuckers in the Bush regime did
  5. They're just gearing up to kick ass in Iran Outlining his rationale for the decision to send yet more troops to Afghanistan, President Barack Obama on Tuesday began with a familiar refrain: “We did not ask for this fight. On September 11, 2001, 19 men hijacked four airplanes and used them to murder nearly 3,000 people.” sounds just like G Bush...most of them asshole jihadist scum bags weren't even from Afghanistan. these dudes mean business...
  6. Nah your just an asshole and your opinion is full of shit...

    Wash DC

    INTERNET BEEF! Its serious fucking business people.
  8. Go fuck yer nuanced self ya neo-liberal fascist wind bag

    Wash DC

    hahah I hear that... what was that like fucking over a decade ago? Who the fuck is this guy yungun? talkin mad shit about some trivial beef from over a decade ago? What the fuck does he have to show fo it...lame
  10. SOAKER


    haha...oh damn... that DERK is fesh...them rollers...SCUM is an animal!
  11. SOAKER

    Wash DC

    your a dumb ass thats not even a style...thats just some fucking drips and shit...how the fuck you gonna bite some drips and bubbles...
  12. haha...that burner is nice...benched that GOES NOSEY car the other day...
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