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  1. HEYY!!! YOU DONT LEARN.. me and my boys would love to meet you.. where you at man??.. you seem pretty scary
  2. tits dont have testicle nerves.. theres no nerve like that in the world all boxers have to wear two jock straps, women are rcomended to wear a small one.. according to a homeless guy i met under a bench..
  3. Woman who bit off testicle jailed LONDON: A British woman who bit off the testicle of her best friend’s husband in a drunken fight was sentenced to six months in prison on Monday. Judge Gerard Harkins said the injury inflicted was so serious that a non-jail sentence could not be justified. Carr, a mother-of-two, was celebrating with her husband the wedding of Neil and Shelley Hutchinson at a flat in Tyneside, north-east England, when a drunken argument turned into a violent brawl. — Reuters Ethiopia Mom tried for testicle crush An enraged Ethiopian mother of five will be tried for the murder of her husband who died after she crushed his testicles in a fight, police told the state-run Ethiopian News Agency. Police said the man was so embarrassed after the incident that he declined to seek treatment for the injury and died days later. "Following a disagreement over the husband's spending habits, his wife refused to give him his dinner and also decided to sleep alone," said a police spokesman in the western region of Wellega. "The husband was so angered by this affront by his wife that he tried to beat her. In the melee that followed, the wife grabbed and twisted his testicles causing serious damage." http://www.angelaslegacy.com/b328.jpg theres a bunch of other incidents but i cant find them, anyway the point of this thread is if you dont know how it feels you have no buisness hitting a guy there (asumming theres some girls on this website) dont get me wrong, its a turn on to touch and grab (very lightlly) but you NEVER hit a guy there no mater what.. as you can see you can even DIE from that shit.. sorry but thats one thing that pissed me off, especially watching this ugly girl grab a guys balls (who called her ugly etc..) and wouldnt let go.. i never saw that guy since..
  4. This threads worse than mine..
  5. What kind of cat would have legs like that? R.I.P
  6. That SO Beuitcdul!!!!!!!!!!! the fields.. its exootic to me, wow the mist, mystry attrction.. emma peel etc..
  7. yo yo where that euro kids flik at? (what city) and even that yellow train with blue strip at bottom, something about it reminds me of warsaw (not the coloasr!!)
  8. i never said eroupes scene needs me, i just go there to see my freinds (berlin, paris , london) thats it i dont paint there (i have done a couple small train panles, years ago), and ilove benching trains.. thats all, i dont care about making a name for my self in the world of graffiti anymore, already did that.. it isnt worth it unless i had nothing else i wanted to focus on.. but i love wathcing the inevitable continuing scene and die hards in it turns me on!! th
  9. oh it was because of that.. well i was refering to long distant commuter trains in north america years ago (not talking about now)(all the spots i used to go to), go paint a freight? i havn't painted in about 5 or 6 years, so why the fuck would i paint a freight, its more like the freights arent worthy of my touch.. i dont need graffiti, graffiti needs me.. perioad
  10. im not from the european continent so for me it is intresting and something to give a fuck about, not like you you live next door to france, any toy can go there and bench, but since im from overseas its something more intresting a mug?? I hope you burn in hell forever ,
  11. i caught an ARSE panel amung others when i was in south france around 2000.. ill chek the crew he put up to see if its the same one.. if i can find the flick soon, and at least in france, in my expirence its safer to paint the commuters in the dayim also..
  12. its a really good book or what it is.. but really bad in terms of information I couldnt stop yelling at that book.. "your wrong" "stop saying that" and "common man expand on that" but i guess its the pictures what counts anyway, reading long texts doesnt appeal to most writers anyway as they prefer mainly the visual as grafiti is.. this book is fucking dope for that.. but mixing street artists and showing 95% pieces makes many writers smile
  13. and please ask me any question on graffiti THAT YOU ARE SURE I SOHULDNT BE ABLE TO FIND ON THE INTERNET so go in google or whatever and make sure i wouldnt be able to find out.. any questoin to do with any historical aspect in any geographical part of the world... unless its a psychological question ill kill you with my theories through deep intense logic and that is most probably very subjective even though im sure everyone would agree with my theories but its not the time for that.. also ignore socialogical questions unless you insist... (this is assumming you think ignorant of graffiti knowledge (which is mainly just common knowledge which to me is the gay kind of smart obsorbing an storing "facts" but give me a shot, if i cant answer thn i will look stoopid, but if i can i want you to ban yourself from this forum .. deal
  14. how is never hearing about a film dumb? how can anyone help that? and yes ive seen it about 2 million times, so how is mis-spelling the titlle dumb?, which part of the intellect would I be lacking? you are aware that thre are many types of smarts aren't you? it's not just simply smart and dumb.. anyway everyone is smart or dumb in a way anyway, actually how is anyone smart or dumb? when thats just how your brain is??? how do you know that what someone says is what "they" (what part of the brain) think?, YOU should be banned "leader"
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