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  1. ha i understand this guy all my headphones broke and to get them work i have to mess with the connection point constantly.
  2. it really wasnt tha close to him as it seems its just the angle it was filmed if u watch in slowmo somehow youll see
  3. its called dodging trains people do it all the time its just not filmed he should be given a medal! wtf.
  4. i would have gotten on the tracks ahead of time.
  5. kids have been doing shit like that since trains were invented anyway. The dude didnt even look like a kid more like a adult
  6. what a dumbass it was kinda funny caus it hapened so quik.
  7. yea the songs suck balls too. there reeeel gay.
  8. "Time magazine should have spent its money rewarding legitimate artists, not some punk whose been defacing our city," said city Councilman Peter Vallone (D-Queens), who has introduced numerous anti-graffiti bills. People like this should be given a couple cans of paint and Show them some of cope 2's work and say... paint something like this. The take the picture away and let them paint. Once there done maybe they will have a lil more respect for graffiti.
  9. god that second one is horrrible
  10. i havent sketched anything in about tow months but here ya go.
  11. he looked like he knew what he was doin, he just fucked up on his landing.
  12. pretty interesting shit
  13. thats what u want us to think.. I know that sumthing is terribly wrong!!!!
  14. Why was all those threads about that raven posted???!! Is that really mister Raven or was this site hacked r sumthin? Hes lost it!!!!
  15. http://www.lovegraffiti.com
  16. ha same shit happened to me except it wasnt two years later.
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