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  1. http://video.google.com/videopreviewbig?q=...+12%3A05+AM+PDT
  2. go to google video and type in graffiti
  3. look what i found http://video.google.com/videopreviewbig?q=...+10%3A54+PM+PDT
  4. no it wouldnt. Nola has gone through worse than categorie 3 and is still alive and well
  5. yea i had a theory about this in the next 20 years or so people are gunna be living their lives from a computer monitor and noone is ever gunna go outside except to get food and excorsize.
  6. the kid jumping in front of the train was nice to see on there that always gives me a laugh and the lady at the end ow owoooo ooooow
  7. yea there real dope there was tons more panels but i didnt have time cause i kinda came upon the line by accident
  8. that movie is gay and played out
  9. ehh sounds farfetched
  10. 12oz prophet makes me sick.
  11. thats stupid the article just made it sound like a big deal to make people think that cops are actually stopping graffiti. I doubt he gunna snitch on anyone unless its some toy.
  12. is that the one where there sayin they wanna buy the world a coke?? If it is i hate that shit.
  13. that wasnt even funny stupid asshole. I would shoot that guy in the head if i ever saw him. Fuckin rascists
  14. when i went to dc the graff scene was pretty legitimate
  15. I remember once i was walking on the tracks and a train jumped in front of me. It tried to move but it got hit and some of the people on it died.
  16. imma shatter your pelvis bitch
  17. could this thread get back to normal
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