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  1. is anyone from the sweep team still on here? I stopped posting when I couldnt use $360 anymore. i still lurk from time to time, but im a 9-5er now.
  2. *BUMP* for this thread because i just learned that buritto max is no more...
  3. little late. RIP to a good man...
  4. hahalkfaklbv;asbvhfouahgfuah'ohgvolhgaso[uihgohweoghrw i crack myself up
  5. if you watch it you can see his friend trying to throw a beer on him
  6. it was awesome to be part of this. sorry im so damn slow.
  7. friday: 24th birthday/kickball saturday: work sunday: work rest of the week: work
  8. i just ordered scallion pancakes in honor of this thread. thanks. thanks again.
  9. its my birthday tomorrow. woo. ill be 24.
  10. i ate at a really shitty buffet by the ocean. and then. indian food.
  11. my last thread has made me think about what i am really fucking greatful for. sorry if this has been done. most of all:a totally fucking awesome girlfriend
  12. the fight started because she caught him in a bothroom stall with another lady. who happens to be an employee at the resteraunt she owns. i am greatfull to have a girlfeind who treats me well.
  13. so im babysitting for my 2 year old sister last night with my girlfriend. My mo and stepfather went to some show and went out after so it was really late. I think we were watching real sex, or something of the sort, when i hear the doorbell ringing. keep in mind, its probably about 3:00 in the morning and my sister is sleeping, so i know something is up. My girl had locked the door when she came in earlier so my mom is there pounding on the door to get in. when i unlock it her and my stepfather bust through yelling like fucking crazy. at first, i thought this was just the normal blood bath, so girlfriend and i proceed upstairs to the room we are to stay in, keeping the door open a little so we can hear whats going on downstairs. "360 IM SCARD YOU NEED TO COME HERE RIGHT NOOOOOW" fuck. my mom runs up the stairs yell about calling the police, with my stepfather right behind. he keeps saying "IM NOT GOING ANYWHERE, THIS IS MY HOUSE YOU CANT MAKE ME LEAVE" after about 15 minutes of verbal assalt from both ends they go up to their room on the 3rd floor to talk. again, i know this is not a good idea so i listen. sure enough, after a few minutes they start clocking eachother and again i have to run upstairs and break it up. my girl and i manage to keep him in the bathroom while my mom calls the police. this agitates him more and he tries to push though us. fermentor and eyeforaneye can vouch for me, im not a very big kid, my stepfather on the other hand is a hardcore meathead jock. to holding him back is no easy task. I end up getting knocked over a bunch of times holding him back before the cops came. they took him and held him for the night, the whole thing lasted probably and hour and a half. now i have to go pretend everything is ok as i eat at some shitty buffet that my grandmother makes us at every easter. happy fucking easter everyone.
  14. fermentor, youre a fucking biter. asshole. go listen to ac/dc.
  15. *BONUS* everything by Exposions In The Sky
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