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  1. I wonder if Kosek rolled over his old stuff when he did that. If not, we might as well rename that spot the Kosek yard.
  2. That definately needs a repost. Consider yourself lucky if you live by yourself or with people that don't drink your milk. That shit pisses me off when I can't have my bowl of Bran Flakes in the morning, freal.
  3. Again, the only thing I have to complain about is the yellow text on white background. If y'all can do some complex-as-hell shit like making this whole thing run, I KNOW one of you has taken a simple "user interface" course somewhere. If not, common sense should have righted you. Other than that, GoogleAd posts actually cross the black right hand border and head to the edge of the screen. I can post screen caps if you want to see for yourself. Using Opera 8.51. Thread descriptions don't pop for me either unless I place the cursor right below the thread-starter's handle and the border that separates the posts. I'm assuming you should be able to mouse-over anywhere in that box and see the thread description pop up in the status bar or as a info-bubble?
  4. HP635


    Bump for "Jill in Ohio". I caught a couple holy rollers with those streaks on 'em about a year ago. I like 'em!
  5. Bloody good post! Glue Kuma Coupe Ansiq Sigh
  6. Thanks for the comments, y'all. Yeah, I haven't seen any e2e married couples around here so I was pretty psyched to catch it. Especially when the train stopped right on the crossing allowing me to get a complete shot of it, haha.
  7. Cheddar, next time get out of your car and put the lens between the links in the fence if you can. Makes for a lot better shot.
  8. Oh shit, it's the reign of <3fr8's archives. Ahcer Ansiq Ascend
  9. So they're calling stencils "socially active visual art" now, eh? Looks like I found something to do this Friday, if nothing more to see if one of the artists is the same one I went to school with years ago.
  10. Hah, I thought that "WTF" was funny because that dude was like "these are all my cars in here" on an autorack. Maybe not totally original but I've never seen it before. And no, it's a lyric from a song that was written by a band called Brand New. They're emo.
  11. If you got the joke in the title and the description, congrats, you're probably on Myspace and wear girl pants. Please hold applause/insults until after the large "DONE". Thank you.
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