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  1. Posting your own stuff isn't the best idea, imo. And that Tead goes to show, if you pick the right time of year, right time of day, got more than enough skills, and throw in some luck, anything is possible in this city.
  2. Dope spot. And what is that, like six fuckin colors?
  3. I have a feeling Bruce is gonna make me look bad now..
  4. Kosek owns that whole yard. It's sick. Like at least 6 of his pieces are up. And y'all know how big/wide he goes. Gay, no one goes over that because 1) there's no one good painting in A2 right now 2) they know what's good for them 3) how could they roll just one part of that is right in the middle of the whole production/wall?
  5. Looks like it's uncut and has a couple cock-rings on it, too.
  6. 1) If the story is correct, a guy did that to another guy's car. 2) It's only a bimmer. 3) If the guy can afford an M3, he can afford to fix it/hire a lawyer to go after the money/hassle the insurance company to fix it. 4) Going after anything that belongs, or is held in high respect by, a man is just a huge passive-aggressive bullshit and quite pussy.. but it's some of the best revenge you'll ever get.
  7. Kinda like a short-bus.. Oh, and look what I found going through the archive of this thread. How fitting.
  8. Daisy Dukes, mmmmmmmmmm. And the picture was supposedly copywritten in 2005. That's at least 12 months ago. Perhaps it was new back then.
  9. Re: We're Cock Rustlers! I'm tryin to convince myself that is not an actual tattoo of his handle.. on his person.. still trying..
  10. I'm surprised there isn't a TURDL thread like this when he smashed Detroit a few years back. Phreaking Amphibians.
  11. This bullshit is the result of either a church or some religious nut. They would roll "WWJD" in buff gray next to shit they buffed. It's like, "Wait a second, you're practically slashing decent pieces, and then doing graffiti yourself when you put up WWJD." Oh, and this stuff is in a yard. There's no reason to buff a god damn yard when the only people who see it are people on dirtbikes, other writers, and train engineers. But, how does that saying go, destruction breeds creation?
  12. Stolen from SF thread: Stolen from STL thread:
  13. Riku: "Fuck that. They look like my brass knuckles. They aren't there anymore. Give them back. Who are you to tell me to shut-up?" Riku: "Soooooo, but what are you doin anyways deathbedsteronerdump, wanna go get totally funky for five dollars at the Contemporary tonight?" Riku: "They still look like my brass knuckles. My engagement rings." Riku: "Bump Deaths for painting the rave party with me and Vomit and totally being fucking awesome." Riku: "That's totally funny Skweez, you're like one of those fucking court people that writes everything. Props to Skweez for taking pictures. But not lately. He's been lazy it seems."
  14. Riku: "Fyre, gimme my fucking brass knuckles back. Those were on my dresser, you took them off my dresser, give them back. BET!" Riku: "That side-bust of mine is fucking hilarious." Riku: "Rio, I know where you live." Riku: "No, I'm not finished, keep typing. Hold on, lemme think, ok, everybody better come to my girls' birthday party this Saturday (aka, tomorrow). Shit's the jump-off. Happy birthday homegirl, much love, I KNOW YOU READ THIS SHIT!" Riku: "Wait, hold on, lemme get another beer. Can I get another one, skweez?" Skweez: "Yeah, go for it." Riku: "You want one?" Skweez: "Nah, I'm straight." Riku: "Ok, we're back. That hughes fill is dope! It looks like its checkered with the bricks. With the vertical stripes and the horizontal masonry. Yeaaaaaaaaaah." Riku: "Looks like Rufio's been paintin a lot lately. That's good." Riku: "Yeah, if you all haven't forgot, I run this shit. With all my mad ups that aren't even posted on this site. I will be taking a break this winter to write music and create sound installation art and continue my researching of the Detroit graffiti art revolution. I will return smashing shit when the time is right. In the meantime, everybody should ride a bike." AMERIKU IN CAPITAL LETTERS.
  15. Wow, I saw that BMT yesterday on 275. There was a bright-green one a few miles later. BMT is the only real African-American to be getting up, as it were, in that area. Hey, when I go out there all I do is a few tags on the gas stations. Move this thread towards the top of the list. Hallucenagetic drug.
  16. Fixed gears are (usually) road bikes but with all but one gear removed. Kinda like riding a BMX but with skinner and larger tires. I guess it's supposed to make you more awesome but this is fucking Detroit, where there are no hills so you don't really need extra gears.
  17. I like 'em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican and Haitian..
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