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  1. Interesting. Never seen this before:


    The administrator has specified that you can only edit messages for 60 minutes after you have posted. This limit has expired, so you must contact the administrator to make alterations on your message.

  2. Yeah, Noe swung by and sidebusted a few pieces. That spot in Woodbridge and a wall off I-96 with about 5 pieces/bombs he did too.


    Or maybe he was invited by those writers to put cute characters next to their work, I'm not sure.

  3. Comin off 94 merging onto Rosa Parks you can see it but its on Michigan and about 18th

    It's off I-75. You can see it coming north-bound. I think it's after the M-10 exit but before the Grand River exit (exit number 50). Pretty much where people are saying it is, I just felt the obsessive-compulsive need to lock down the location.


    Was Gram the one that did the Above the Influence spot on the liquor store on Grand River and Buchanan?

  4. That article just about cemented my decision to help lead a tour of the cut before it's destroyed.


    I'll give you the date and time of when to stay out of the yard; for everyone's well being.


    Waiting for everyone to call me a toy, idiot, short-sighted, narc, poseur in five, four, three..

  5. Someone said it earlier in this thread.. it doesn't matter where you're from, it's where you're at.


    p.p.s. it doesnt really matter though..just as long as you are doin your thing and doing it right..its not about where you are from..its about where you are at.


    I guess I know who to attribute this to now.


    And as far as the DKH, I swore I spotted that a year or more ago. I could just be retarded, though.

  6. Someone said it earlier in this thread.. it doesn't matter where you're from, it's where you're at. And there should be a reasonable percentage of us here in Detroit, doing work in Detroit.


    And as far as the cat that I interupted earlier tonight when I asked a waitress where a local dive is, I apologize. I'll buy you a beer for your troubles.

  7. The reflective tape is a safety measure that freight companies use so that cars can tell that trains are still rolling at an intersection. They're not going to get buffed, or they would have painted over the piece before they stamped it with the reflector.


    Thanks for the explanation. Coulda swore I was only seein them on painted freights.

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