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Everything posted by segway

  1. i just looked at the calendar and realized what day it is
  2. i didnt want to wake up this early on a saturday morning to see silentwrytes dead that dls face is cool as shit
  3. kalo- get out of this thread, that simple is dope. thank you for understanding the concept of simples
  4. that guide straight is the best thing out of this thread in a minute. keep it simple and put that shit up man while were talking about dude copying a limp bizket album cover, that cover that he jocked the character from is done by mear
  5. tutor, youre on the right track. stay really simple, skip colors for now and learn to do the 3d better.
  6. if you aint in it your in the way
  7. that jawn isnt even a roller, he did it with a brush, a small brush at that
  8. kicksta, try sticking with uniform widths on your letters for a bit longer factorum, dope straights- keep it up
  9. segway


    lets see some more bmore hands
  10. d love- its been done by robotswillkill
  11. dont get so haughty there vare, the sketches you post are still toy, you havent been biting, and youve gone nowhere
  12. yeah some euro dudes are plain nutty. you should watch stockholm subway stories
  13. im pretty sure that sunset flare was a fertilizer deely filled with paint
  14. ginger, you got the right idea, keep it up
  15. april november stay simple and learn your letters and you can progress. if you dont start and stay simple for a while, you wont get very far
  16. stillfree, are you from philly?
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