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  1. get a style....but keep it up
  2. anyone whos a fan of his work i strongly recomend getin the film about him. you get a good look at his work and his lifestyle, def worth getin
  3. all very fresh!!!! but the top 1 reminds me of seens style alot
  4. how can sum1 so shit hav ther own thread and it still be open
  5. geezer1


    good to see a metz thread! i go past where he died quite often...every time it jus gets me thinkin. R.I.P METZ
  6. geezer1

    Character Post

    fresshhhhh likin them. u see the 1 done on paper pasted on a wall with sum1 standin next 2 it. wot u use 2 paste it on the wall?
  7. bit of advice needed if sum1 cud help....but what do you use to paste your piece on to the wall. im guessin wall paper paste but i cud b way off? cheers
  8. geezer1

    DDS Crew London

    where u get soulseek from?
  9. geezer1


    all these fukin american plots look pisssssssssssss
  10. where can i get a copy of subaway stories from that wil deliver to the uk?
  11. geezer1

    DDS Crew London

    get bomb alert 3 fukin amazin
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