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  1. those are amazing tunnel shots is all that shit in there buffed?
  2. some one post all the lover over love i know its out there
  3. who cares its not like i droped her name your over reacting drop it
  4. shut up fag shes the snitch not me and you know it too
  5. i couldnt read that shitty tag because the L looks like an E and LOVER would take that girl and Grind her face off with a cheeze grader and make you fags eat the shavings so fuck you and fuck her FREE LOVER TDA
  6. love is getting hacked the fuck up tonight
  7. What does that tag say over the lover truck?
  8. fuck mr. bones and fuck amor if i see that kid bombing over my friends out at that spot ill kill him and tie bricks to his feet..................
  9. is the dvd going to be on sale in april?
  10. quit your 3rd grade shit BUMP for orfn
  11. much love for this thread nice pics ENRON,KURE,GISE,MEKO,RESQ,keep this shit commin
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