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Everything posted by SatOnYaMom

  1. ??????......wat do write
  2. that JAME .... nice :lick: wat happen to tha gost soer.flik.
  3. ohhhh myy GAWD. no he dihint.umm umm no way hose a.haa haa.yea boy. :cool:
  4. damn son son son son :huh2: :zombie: :umm: :evil: :jpotato: :mexican: :china: :disguised: :mad2: :beat2: :beat: :bawling: sorry just found the dumb mother fukers.
  5. hey i like my hairy arms
  6. ooops that wasnt intended 4 u guys sorry.
  7. damn i really thought u was a girl but wad up dog.son son
  8. its that dumb bull shit again.
  9. wet hot titys here at ma house .....and ma loser ass is here see if there is fliks gay gay gay i know..... jerk off jerk off shit horny pussy vagina snatch flower wat ever shit. :love2:
  10. nice groupie ass mmmm.
  11. ?????????????????????????????
  12. yeah,,,,,,,on sum tan titys . ;)
  13. ummm brickslayers ????????? i dont know whiskey does make me puke i hate it....RUM....yea.now thats funny
  14. i saw a new one 2day umm i think it said BSA.thats funny
  15. i agree on that.nice robj....wat the fuk wit all that paint.DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.
  16. Drama , gossip, and just boring.who cares
  17. everybody just go back to ya buissness it always seems better that way........BELLADONA can suck a fuking dik . god damn i would of grab her tity 4real.
  18. hey bo bo bo bo lo lo lo no no we dont talk shit on here do we ... so lets sit back relax and leave dat bad ass tattoo alone. see dat nig on da streets .oooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.peace.........we dont shit talk do we. ohh by da way da ocean makes me want to jerk off while i drive.oooops never mine look like i did dat.already.i hate kepo. let da force be with you.nig big big big wig wig wig. :king:
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