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  1. Hey, is this the same dude who once had a thread asking our opinion about whether or not he should fight some dude who was being a dick? And a different thread asking whether or not he should date a stripper? I think, that instead of bringing us every ridiculous little question that pops into your melon, that you should sit back and take a little time to think about these debaucles. Instead of starting new threads all the time, maybe we should just start a thread titled SilentBobs idiocy.
  2. "I just read the title of this thread again and started laughing uncontrollably. It conjurs up some sort of un-developed half-thoughts that I cant really describe, but they make me laugh and then people at work stare and think I'm fucking crazy." Ha ha ha. When there ain't shit to eat in my house, I usually go with noodles and butter. Cereal is always a good option. If motherfuckeers are really pressed for something acceptable to eat, just go to the god damn supermarket. There was something in the newspaper a while back in my city about how this guy was copping so much free food from the dumpster behind the super market that he was feeding his whole family. And not fucking destroyed food, its just past the experation date. AND NO IM NOT A HIPPY THAT FUCKING DUMPSTER DIVES FOR EVERYTHING!
  3. Louis Logic - Blame it on the hooch Mr. Lif - Emergency Rations
  4. I ain't toy, shit I don't even write. I'm just here for the MySpace thread.... MYSPACE IS LYFEEEEEEE!!! This is retarded. The hippie thread starter LOVES the cock.
  5. We have BUFFALO wings. Fuck all the noise that other cities make about wings. we got that shit on lock.
  6. Most definetly. There is really no reason for you to not have punched mother fucker in the head. Other than the fact that most people will do almost anything not to fight. If there is a next time, there is really only one way to redeem yourself in the face of 12oz. And that is by romping that little bitch. If you "know" you can beat his ass "quite easily" then there is no reason to let him treat you like his fucking bitch. You don't let people treat you like that man, it's fucked to me. regrdless of whether or not dude was playing or not, once he realized that you didn't find it funny, and then kept going, you should have cracked him.
  7. The best drinking game is to get a syringe and put a little bit of tequila in it. Then take it to a party and inject someone. they'll get super fucked up in about 10 seconds. actually drinking games are kinda lame.
  8. "Sir, you will recieve a summons for 19.95 if the chalkboard is broken. Considering your job that will mean you will have to work for 7 hours." That was fucking golden.
  9. Who was better, beats and lyrics wise. I like both, but I think ultimately I would have to choose Quest. phife dog and Q-tip killed it in the day.
  10. Chuck Norris knows kickboxing, he trained with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace. Steven Segal trained in Akido, which is a fighting form that utilizes many different combinations of pressure points and limb breaking. The fact that neither one of them has been in training consistantly but merely fighting on camera, which believe it or not isn't real, puts them both out of the loop as far as their fighting skills. If you've ever seen Walker texas ranger Norris only does one move, a fucking roundhouse kick. Segal still uses form and shit. My vote is with segal.
  11. That shit was funny from the standpoint that it was at someone else's house. But if that were goin down in my house I'd either punch the shit out of him, or Joe Dirt his ass at the grand canyon.
  12. Why isn't Dave going to be introducing the skits?
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