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  1. i enjoy his work for what it is... and give the man credit for all his acomplishments - he def has an arm's length of them i also like that fact that he kinda snubbed his nose at most fashion photographers and started to focus on the photographs rather then fancey gear and overblown sets - in some cases he shoots w/ a $50 p&s camera he picked up at walmart - partly because his eyes are so bad a coffee table book of his would prob do very well as for vice, i fucking hate that magazine.... they ripped a photo of mine off my site a few years back and printed it in one of their issues - w/ my copyright watermark straight on it - i did get ahold of the EIC after some work and a ton of phone calls - and he admited he was in the wrong... but it just left a bad taste in my mouth for an otherwise good rag
  2. interesting responce - and i was unaware that all photogrpahy should go in one thread... seems kinda pointless and hard to track and comment on threads... but if thats the way things are thats the way things are i dont mind your critique of the photo as much as your responce to me... you are assuming i am a pro and for whatever reason you get the feeling that i am portraying myself this way is kind of off the wall... you are also assuming i dont know my shit... what about photography do you think i do and do not know? if adding the exif data and a lil story about the photo makes me seem that way, so be it... furthemore - if you wish to knock my name, so be it - ic an't help what i was born with...
  3. before we went out clubbing in philly last night i took some pix of a friend of mine... this has been pretty heavily altered in photoshop, aside from the obvious switch to b&w it was originally a vertical shot i then cropped horizontal and made to 8x10 praportions the background while not very visable to the left of her face was kinda busy and i wasnt too fond of, so that was removed... most all minor skin blemishes were healed out and used nik sharpening tools the only other thing i was thinking of doing was painting her lips a soft pink color... and messed around w/ it a bit, but even on very very light opasity i couldnt get it to look the way i wanted too flash was on a flash frame bracket w/ an omni bounce on it - plz also note that below in "parameters" that is the in-camera adjustments i made before shooting Camera Model Name --- Canon EOS 10D Shooting Mode --- Manual Tv( Shutter Speed ) --- 1/90 Av( Aperture Value ) --- 8.0 Metering Mode --- Evaluative ISO Speed --- 100 Lens --- 17.0 - 35.0 mm Focal Length --- 35.0 mm Flash --- On Flash Type --- External E-TTL Flash Exposure Compensation --- 0 Red-eye Reduction --- Off Shutter curtain sync --- 1st-curtain sync White Balance --- Flash AF Mode --- AI Focus AF Parameters --- Contrast +1 --- Sharpness +1 --- Color saturation +2 --- Color tone Normal
  4. ok so i was in a hurry and copy/pasted the wrong name... oops! another big misconception - unless you specify somehow differant, your copyright will be yours as long as you live + 75 years... and you can will your copyrights to anyone you wish, at which time they would continue for as long as that person lives + 75 years there is very litle at this time that will actually become public domain - sort of like going out west in the US and "claiming land" - it just doesnt happen anymore some of you may find this usefull as well: http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/
  5. iPhotoForum.com's December Monthly Photo Assignment has begun!!! The photo assignments are designed to give you a reason to shoot, to be creative, to challenge you, to show your own personal style and to have it voted on by your peers. This month’s theme is Food and you may interpret that however you will. To get more information on entering this free contest, as well as the rules and deadlines, please visit this thread: http://www.iphotoforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=100016
  6. some pretty good stuff here: http://www.stencilbomb.com/
  7. the title of the thread somehow got miss-typed - perhaps cuz i was on too much nyquill (i hate being sick) it should be - banned from stock photo houses - no "my" in there iloveboxcars - sadly, you are mistaken...somewhat... going by the us copyright site - once an image is conceived (film is exposed to light or digital data is written) the copyright belonds to the person taking the picture so long as no contract before hand has been arranged. in stock photography, and most photography for sale, there are limitations to this... that is to say, i cannot take a pic of the mona lisa and then turn around and sell it as a stock photograph or print my own copies and sell them because the work within the photograph holds its own copyright... the same goes for maps, text in books and in some cases buildings... i used to do admin work for a large online stock photo/ art site - if you took a pic of your living room and there was a painting on the wall that youyourself did not do, we couldnt accept it... even if you bought the painting, you arnt buying the rights to resell its image, but you may resell the painting itself... its gone so far as the sydney opera house and the eiffel tower (at night, lit up) are prohibitited to have photographs used in a commercial use at all Unstoppable - you bring up a very good point - for the most part the photo is only to show the graf - but what if im taking a photo of a model in front of some graffiti, and i have a model release form for the model... its a bit of the grey area because in order to resell it, technicly, i need a release form for the artwork behind her, regardless of whether or not my intention was to shoot it or not
  8. too fat and old to skate anymore... i just ride motorcycles :)
  9. contact your local library and your local and state represenatives office's - they should be able to point you in the right direction you may also wish to retain a lawyer, as some of the forms get pretty complicated
  10. he's got nice stuff - but why thread-jack??? you coulda started your own thread yes?
  11. thanks so far for the honest feedback in regards to her acne - im aware of the healing brush and will be using it should i make prints - these for the most part were batch proccessed from RAW files to TIFF then to jpeg all w/ actions in photoshop to help speed things up i probably mis-titled this as well, as its not so much "fashion" persay - but the original goal was for her to wear seductive undgergarments w/ mens clothes overtop also in regards to her applying lip gloss - you'd be surprised how many woman actually do use a mirror to put it on - her eyes only appear closed - shes actually looking into the mirror i also don't see much wrong w/ the construction scene in the first shot - its out of focus (on purpose) and if anything, adds a lil character to it it was shot in center city philly - there aren't too many places there that are free and clear of construction in any event... im always open to hear more
  12. i did this shoot back in sept and finally got around to editing the photos about a week ago this one i have since edited again making it an 8x10 aspect ratio (as opposed to an 8x12 which it is here) to crop out the cars to the left of the image the rest from the series can be seen here: http://www.mikepanic.com/photos/09-17-2004...y_mens_clothing all shot on canon eos 10d, most w/ a 50mm f/1.8 lens, some w/ a 28-200 f/3.5-5.6, show in RAW format then converted to 8bit tiff files and color corrected and unsharp mask in photoshop cs thoughts/opinions/critique?
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