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  1. psyone


    Is there any evidence for your claim? And please don't refer to US gov or US gov controlled sources (CIA, DOD, Fox news etc.)! They are not trustworthy. Iran will not attack anyone. They know that the US and Israel would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons in return. I don't think Amadinejad is that dumb.
  2. today the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has released their 4th assement report. check out http://www.ipcc.ch/ the media in the US will quote a cutted version of this, since your president and the MP of China insisted on cutting out some paragraphs which adressed the subject of possible damages caused by the climate change in North America and China. ignoring actual facts (in this case, the findings of 2500 scientists) is quite a strenght of Mr. Bush it seems.
  3. psyone


    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6414197.stm i foresee a dark future
  4. he's good at free kicks, that's all time will tell
  5. well i'm from germany, and, sadly enough, i have to agree on that one. the amount of corporate bullshit has already reached ridiculous level over here. nonetheless the bombing/trainscene is still going strong. hahaha, "real graf spirit". the guardian of the holy grail of graffiti has spoken.
  6. http://video.google.de/videoplay?docid=-1272980089639960023&q=loose just watched this, they have some very interesting points, specifically about Flight 77
  7. refers to a technique for circumventing high phone bills known as 'blueboxing'. using one of these little devices enabled you to call toll-free overseas back in time when BBS' were big. homemade callingcards were quite common too.
  8. ^cosigned i dont hate on arabs or jews by default but that conflict down there and how they try to handle it is über retarded. israeli childs signing bombs with messages like 'from israel with love'
  9. it reads 'kobolt', dude is from berlin anyways, some sick ass styles in this thread, keep on
  10. ^hahaha that headbut increases his legend status even more
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