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  1. wait, i thought he was a STOPPED target though, reaching for his gun? this is the part that doesnt make sense to me. if dude really was stopped, why did it take 11 shots to hit him. also wanna know if he was shot in the front or back
  2. sorry brahs, not budging. just not bummed at all about this one, but im sure your highschools will make a grievance counselor available for those who are having difficulty coping.
  3. i try and cover all the bases. :D
  4. super. fucking. sad. i made the mistake of looking at cnns photos, just too sad.
  5. ha. i just told my mom winehouse finally od'd and she said the exact same thing- "well, at least ive got adele. shes talented and wholesome"
  6. RIP thank god and good riddance
  7. false, because i can. and will. cuz its my birfday, and i dont intend to work at all. tpbm is following the debt crisis
  8. suca

    Dear ________,

    dear edogggy tomorrow is your birthday. tonight you will eat a delicious meal, homemade enchiladas and peach cobbler, and after that you will get drunk with all your friends. then drive with sister to oregon tomorrow to see brother. then party in astoria. be excited. this birthday may not suck so bad after all. notexcitedtoturn24 edoggggggggggggggggggggggggggggy
  9. really is one of my favorite songs ever i think.
  10. it probably said in the fine print that it wasnt a real apple store....
  11. true. acrassicauda show lsat night. my ears hurt. tpbm lets their pets on the furnature
  12. true. work. tpbm has an iphone
  13. suca

    Dear ________,

    .... that was never an option. sounds like a horrible place
  14. false. got a good 8 hours last night tpbm likes bjork
  15. suca

    Dear ________,

    Dear 120z going to europe in 3 weeks- zurich, berlin, amsterdam, paris. if any of you are out there and wanna kick it or know any really cool people and/or rapletter artists that may wanna link up lemme know. nomadiconer edoggggggggggggggggggggggy ps- when i get back, probably going to relocate. thinking away from seattle like..... maine? or virginia? any suggestions? wanna stay near the water, not too big a city but not the middle of nowhere.
  16. jackals and arabs was pretty fuckin rad. *edit- didnt know there was a kafka museum
  17. not afraid of heights overall, only when my feet aren't grounded or theres a feeling of falling involved. planes are fine, unless they do that oops-sudden-drop thing, NO skydying, NO rollercoasters. seriously, the feeling of falling or having nothing under my feet=terror. and ants when in large quantities. or any bug masses for that matter. but especially ants. like when youre walking down the sidewalk and for some reason theres a HOARD of them, like thousands? hate that. you know theyre plotting something. theyre too smart and to plentiful. and spiders, duh. hate em.
  18. true. happened two years ago and i leave for dream vacation v2.0 in like 3 weeks. zurich, berlin, rees, amsterdam, paris, toulouse. so excited tpbm lives in italy
  19. suca


    sorry for bumping an oldish post, but i tried sperrys at the beginning of the summer. 8- yes EIGHT days after i bought them both shoes were tearing in 2 places each. one rip was already about 3/4 an inch. took them shits back, thought maybe it was just a bad pair. waited 3 long weeks for the new pair- which only lasted 3 fucking days before tearing. maybe i have a really fucked up walk or sometihng, but those shoes were total FAIL
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