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  1. only Palahniuk ive read was Rant. it was good... i guess not good enough for me to go devour his whole collection as my time with vonnegut has been, but im sure i'll dabble into more of his books soon. i guess i wont start with choke though, as it seems unfinishable...
  2. suca


    some dude at seatac the other day decided, on the runway, that he didnt want to be on the plane after all and got up and started pounding on the door while the planes on the fucking runway. caused problems obviously.
  3. noes one was 8 hours, one was six, the others were only around 2. mostly reading to fall asleep then not falling asleep. i think in the last 50 hours ive gotten like 5 hours of sleep? and here i am wide awake wanting nothing more than to pass the fuck out. but cant.
  4. unpacking- forgot i read this one too. ever pick up a book thinking it will help you fall asleep but instead next thing you know youre done with the book and still wide awake?
  5. read these on my trip- didnt start them till halfway through. long train rides=5 books in 2 weeks and am finishing this up
  6. suca


    that sucks. as unpleasant as flying is, its taken me all over the world. probably a fair trade in the end. still hate it though.
  7. suca


    that sounds about right, not sure off the top of my head though. moral of the story is... fuck flying. already loathing the potential 6 more flights on my schedule before the year is up. kill me now.
  8. suca


    hate flying. just hate it. i take lorazepam- not only calms the nerves but usually puts me to sleep through the flight too. i just cant stand to think about how... stuck i am up there. that if i want to get away or feel uneasy, there is no where to go. stuck in a capsule miles above ground. just got off a 10 hour flight actually, but the preceding 1 hour flight was way worse- one of those rickity board-from-the-tarmac-staircase planes that holds like 60 people and dips and dives at every bit of turbulence. ugh.
  9. Re: Name my new dog this. first oontz in a month. edoggg thread ftw. actually, all dog threads ftw. nothing better than coming home from vacation and seeing my dogs for the first time in a month.
  10. suca

    Dear ________,

    dear dear thread leaving on a jet plane tomorrow, eurotripmovieposter.jpeg. germany, netherlands, france. be back in a month. holla. gettmytravelon edogggggggggggggggggy
  11. i dont disagree that i wont be able to handle it. it wont end well.
  12. edoggg didnt know random was bf's husband until someone said so i teh neggz. no one brought it up in the thread until i did, THEN people started to talk about how he was a good dude. but carry on.
  13. sorry- took an oontz break to write a paper. but clearly theres plenty of BF hate without me....
  14. i too wanna see what banworthy shit manute posted then edited
  15. the sexy beast is 20 yrs old exactly. and hardly has a hood. and the drivers door doesnt work. oh well tpbm has a 'nice' car
  16. suca


    i thought you meant you stole it.... then i scrolled down. went from this to this
  17. i cant wait for the day that i get FP and wreck my 22 year no-puke-streak in the most horrible way possible. i may not make it through alive.
  18. i too negged him for negging the bump. he will regret his unneggable negging.
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