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  1. ended 10-6. that bills comeback fucked me over, and im pretty disappointed in the ravens and the 49ers.
  2. this would be better if the character was fucking a corpse.
  3. yea the ravens fucked me over and for whatever reason i really thought miami would do better too but oh well. lot of good games this week
  4. lot of close games down to the wire today. just went from looking at 7-2 to 4-5 fuck. theres still time!!
  5. false. no girls, thank you. tpbm is watching football
  6. true tpbm can kill a box of cereal in one sitting
  7. Kansas City at Detroit Oakland at Buffalo Tampa Bay at Minnesota Chicago at New Orleans Baltimore at Tennessee Cleveland at Indianapolis Jacksonville at NY Jets Seattle at Pittsburgh Arizona at Washington Green Bay at Carolina Dallas at San Francisco San Diego at New England Houston at Miami Cincinnati at Denver Philadelphia at Atlanta Monday Night St. Louis at NY Giants a lot more wishful thinking. we'll see...
  8. it was just a matter of time. more to coaching than offensive play calling? what? why didnt anyone say so?? i'll hold back on the exaggeration next time for the sensitive ones, but its a pretty damn common opinion that peyton has essentially a coaching role on that team. would the team fall apart without their coaches too? yea of course.
  9. get an easy bake oven and make some damn cookies or brownies or something. not that hard.
  10. i dont think anyone has ever doubted that peyton has been, for the past 10+ years, the coach of the colts. yea sure they pay a guy to wear headphones on the sidelines and give post-game interviews, but even dungy (i didlove that dude), was more of a co-coach with peyton. hes out and the colts are going to be miserable all season. and i would say it would be a nice chance for the titans to finally get to the playoffs, but then they went and picked up hasselback so they probably blew their chances. im just glad that dude is out of seattle. finally.
  11. false. want to do nothing but wallow, but i have a lot to do tpbm snores
  12. suca

    Dear ________,

    dear sm congrats!! dear oontz someone tell me what to do, cuz i have no idea. confusedasfuckoner edoggggggggggggggggggggggggy
  13. 4-5 so far. a lot of wishful thinking in my predictions.
  14. the vulnerable american now fears and/or hates all people who look like a 'terrorist' which, thanks to ignorance, is a broad spectrum of people. the way of dealing with this fear is bouncing anti-muslim sentiment off of ones neighbor in an act called 'patriotism' and by buying things that are red white and clue to prove ones dedication to this country. (see? i spent $600 on this motorized 'never forget' diorama. im SO not a terrorist!) dark people lose, white people profit, govt actually gains trust by advertising 'credible' terrorist threats it has intercepted and prevented. that being said, my sympathies go out to the families. it was a tragic day. i just have mixed feelings about the aftermath, intentions, cause, results, etc.
  15. suca

    Dear ________,

    dear samdman could you please bring me that sleep thing i hear so much about? havent slept more than 3 hours in a night since ive been back. i have never in my life had insomnia and it is up there with the worst things ever. i cracked and took an ambien last night and i HATE taking prescription anything. it didnt do shit. infact, i think it woke me up more and just made me feel like shit when i had to go to work at 5am. zombiestatusoner edoggggggggggggggggggggggggy
  16. true. dear___ tpbm loves football
  17. uuuuh yea RLY GO PACKERS *edit* devastated that i just heard peyton had another surgery today. lookin at 3 months. sad news.
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