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  1. i cant believe the colts lost and the hawks won. was painting all weekend and didnt get to watch any games, hopefully tonights is good. 7-5 so fer. poop.
  2. SUN WEEK 5 Tennessee at Pittsburgh Seattle at NY Giants Cincinnati at Jacksonville New Orleans at Carolina Oakland at Houston Philadelphia at Buffalo Kansas City at Indianapolis Arizona at Minnesota Tampa Bay at San Francisco NY Jets at New England San Diego at Denver Green Bay at Atlanta MON Chicago at Detroit
  3. 9-5 so far. ugh. never thought id hear myself say 'go baltimore'!
  4. true very true have a few ideas tpbm likes college football
  5. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA so this summer i took a trip to europe, my 4th time there, and told myself the next trip of mine will be exploring my own backyard so to speak. did the perimeter drive when i was younger, 6 weeks one minivan, 20 states. but next time i have the time/money, i want to get out and explore the good ol us of a. props to KIR,
  6. finally read cats cradle, the wait was like 3 weeks to check it out from the library. i had to take a break from you shall know our velocity, which im excited to finish. my first eggers!
  7. suca

    Dear ________,

    dear edoggg nice job getting that contract approved on the last day- last 5 credits of undergrad earned through a teaching internship? rad. now get your sponsor from summer to stop losing those essays to he can turn in your fucking eval. jesus. sosuperedumacatidoner edoggggggggggggggggy
  8. heard some really interesting story yesterday about ty cobb and the 1910 batting title and a chalmers roadster competition, and some stats geek in 1951 setting the record straight.
  9. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA ha probably true. then dont even drop out because youre planning on doing this trip which will likely never happen, just keep your head in the books. what sucks is, if you went to my school, you could get credit for a trip like this B)
  10. SUN WK 4 Detroit at Dallas Carolina at Chicago Buffalo at Cincinnati Tennessee at Cleveland Minnesota at Kansas City Washington at St. Louis New Orleans at Jacksonville Pittsburgh at Houston 1:00 PM San Francisco at Philadelphia NY Giants at Arizona Atlanta at Seattle Miami at San Diego New England at Oakland Denver at Green Bay NY Jets at Baltimore MON Indianapolis at Tampa Bay i have faith i will drop well beelow .500 after this- some of these games are gonna be really really close.
  11. i guess im at.... 27-21 overall? ugh. week 1 killed me
  12. suca

    Dear ________,

    dear symbols i dont blame them. just finished undergrad, was planning on waiting before grad school but now im thinking i should just stay in school as there arent jobs out there anyways. growingupsucks edogggggggggggggy
  13. so i hear. didnt get to watch it (weekendworkingwarrior) but heard it was just a pretty sloppy game all around. really really want the cowboys to lose, we'll see.
  14. suca

    Dear ________,

    dear oonzters is there a schoolin thread? seems like a lot of people these days are going back to school. stuckinschool edogggggggggggggy
  15. 11-4 as well. feel like a chump for not picking seattle but i really didnt see that happening.
  16. well, i thought that till i heard gallery was out 4-6 weeks. our shitty OL just got even worse. maybe if rice is healthy, but with more injuries i dont see a weak team getting any better...
  17. Sunday Wk 3 Houston at New Orleans NY Giants at Philadelphia Jacksonville at Carolina New England at Buffalo Miami at Cleveland San Francisco at Cincinnati Denver at Tennessee Detroit at Minnesota Baltimore at St. Louis NY Jets at Oakland Kansas City at San Diego Arizona at Seattle (i want to vote seattle, but...) Atlanta at Tampa Bay Green Bay at Chicago Pittsburgh at Indianapolis MON Washington at Dallas
  18. Re: You ever have those days.... today was one of those days. ice cube wrote a song about the opposite kind of day as im having. i wish i was having an ice cube kind of day.... maybe tomorrow.
  19. suca

    Dear ________,

    dear life please stop falling apart. not now. pretty please withsprinklesontop edogggggggggggggggggggggggy
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