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  1. true. many times. professionalphonebreaker tpbm played in snow today
  2. started making coffee for this lady's grand daughter. http://www.tattooarchive.com/tattoo_history/weinzirl_elizabeth.html
  3. suca

    Dear ________,

    dear college its been real, but im done with you officiallyacollegegradoner edogggggggggggggggggggggggggy
  4. pedd state. ha all i can hope is that all the hooplah at the beginning of that game was consolation for the victims and not a tribute to paterno- the announcers made sure to voice that is was for the kids but givin the thousands of disgusting people that rioted after jopas firing- i have my doubts and it makes me sick. people losing sight of what the real tragedy is here.
  5. forgot last week- my bad WEEK 10 Thu, Nov 10 OAK @ SD Sun, Nov 13 ARI @ PHI TEN @ CAR HOU @ TB WAS @ MIA STL @ CLE BUF @ DAL PIT @ CIN JAC @ IND CMON COLTS!!!! DEN @ KC NO @ ATL BAL @ SEA DET @ CHI NYG @ SF NE @ NYJ Mon, Nov 14 MIN @ GB
  6. lap dog, doesnt shed much, and lives indoors cuz it cant fit through the front door. no but seriously- unless you want to end up with some paris hilton accessory dog, you dont sound ready at all. indoor? no barking? lap dog? maybe you want a stuffed animal.
  7. Week 8 SUN, OCT 30 Arizona at Baltimore Minnesota at Carolina Jacksonville at Houston Miami at NY Giants New Orleans at St. Louis Indianapolis at Tennessee Detroit at Denver Washington at Buffalo Cincinnati at Seattle Cleveland at San Francisco New England at Pittsburgh i HATE picking either of these teams Dallas at Philadelphia MON San Diego at Kansas City
  8. does your drivers side door work? do you have a functioning hood? does it squeal like a dying rodent until it shifts into second? your odometer works, thats a plus. mine broke at 170 before we bought it. no AC, heater is in "always on" mode, glove box fell off so to speak. i guess its mostly cosmetic issues. rebuilt transmission, good engine despite the milage, brakes might need work but theyre good for a while, just a belt issue i think and an unsightly exterior.
  9. i can see how it might be nice for travel, however this summer i took one backpack across europe for 5 weeks walking countless miles and collected 8 paperbacks by the end. well worth it. what does one even need when traveling really? a change of clothes and some soap and a camera? cant think of anything better to fill the extra space with than books.
  10. almost! volvo wagon (seattleclicheoner)
  11. so glad ive never ever touched an "e-book" in my life. real books FTW
  12. good god i think i was 4-8....
  13. San Diego at NY Jets Chicago at Tampa Bay Washington at Carolina Atlanta at Detroit Seattle at Cleveland Denver at Miami Houston at Tennessee Kansas City at Oakland Pittsburgh at Arizona St. Louis at Dallas Indianapolis at New Orleans MON Baltimore at Jacksonville
  14. all spam aside, adventures from the PNW. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  15. 9-3. shocked the lions lost...
  16. ha bedframed and i with the same picks except the indy game two weeks in a row. CMON INDY
  17. San Francisco at Detroit St. Louis at Green Bay Carolina at Atlanta Indianapolis at Cincinnati Buffalo at NY Giants Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Philadelphia at Washington Houston at Baltimore Cleveland at Oakland Dallas at New England New Orleans at Tampa Bay Minnesota at Chicago MON Miami at NY Jets
  18. wait.... edogggs a girl????? congrats on the crown mr eastwood!
  19. ... i think there were only 13 games this round- that would be impressive if you were 10-6 :) i ended at 8-5
  20. finished this on the plane this morning, a very appropriate book to read while travelling. gonna read heartbreaking work next. been sleeping on eggers.
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